Oct 31, 2007

5 reasons it'd be nice to get a boyfriend in the next 3 weeks

-20 days till my Birthday
-22 days till Thanksgiving
-31 days till my Struck Christmas Party
-56 days till Christmas
-62 days till New Year's Eve

(i know i'm not supposed to say words like boyfriend on here for everyone to read. but i just am.)

if you love me

you'll stop giving me candy

i guess i'm okay with halloween, after all

Oct 30, 2007

Oct 29, 2007

well, emilee, i...

dyed a load of laundry pink for my first time ever with this red shirt

was reunited with my retainer after two years

sent mail to my sisters

got mail from my sister

cleaned this fan

framed and hung these pictures on our only non-brick, non-wood wall

and bought myself hydrangeas

turns out days look more exciting when you photograph every minute detail.

Oct 27, 2007


i don't remember the last time i had an obligation-free (satur)day. i can't wait

Oct 26, 2007

life is beautiful

(and hard and unfair and complicated)

i will see architecture in helsinki tomorrow night on one condition

They have a live baby there to say 'attic an and a basement' on The Owls Go. Does anyone know if there will be a real baby there?

there's a world for everything


Oct 23, 2007

the only reason i'm excited for winter

and it looks like i'm not the only one


i don't like driving 3.5 hours on the same road as giant trucks carrying dead deer in their beds. i mean, whatever. but i just don't like passing a truck, glancing over, and seeing a furry ear and a few points of an antler. i just don't like it.

Oct 21, 2007

sometimes i wish i were already old

if i were jc mickelson's and or shoney's

i would probably just not use real photography of my food on the billboards. it took me at least 3 years to figure out that was a slice of strawberry pie

Oct 19, 2007

not worth it

It's Turtleneck Friday at Struck

Yes, mocks count.

Also-I really need to learn not to eat my PB&J at 10:45am. It makes for a really long 11am-5pm. And also, I have a french braid in my hair:
Taking pictures of myself with photobooth without having anyone notice is harder and funnier than it seems.

Oct 18, 2007

comfort food is comfort food is comfort food

i made this

someone has to do it

I blame it on Cousin Rob, but I've recently discovered my consistency for hating anything that is a little too well liked by the general public. It seems there is only a certain % of liking that any one person/band/color/food/movie/anything is rightfully entitled to. And, if something starts to creep up on that limit, you better believe I'm there to detect and prevent that. Rob is the master at this art, but I'm getting better.

Oct 16, 2007

i wish

11/13-denver-swell season

don't worry mom, this is never going to happen.
don't worry friends, this is totally going to happen.

sometimes i wish i had no idea what the internet is

Oct 15, 2007

it's amazing how the wrong pair of shoes will put me out of sorts for an entire day

even the fact that i only paid 97 cents for the dress i'm wearing can't salvage a day stained with a hasty and horrible choice in footwear.

Oct 12, 2007

Happy Birthday, Dad

4 o'clock sugar rush

almost every day almost always at 4pm, shayna and i split one or two candies from the vending machine. almost always one of them is junior mints. and if there isn't at least one junior mint stuck to the box, i'm really disappointed.

don't worry, i don't drink Silk

i can't believe that i ate soy beans and soy sauce last night for dinner. i hate people that eat soy beans for dinner.

If I hear the word 'connection' one more time

I can't stop watching The Bachelor online. I mean, he's "the sexiest bachelor yet". And he's from Austin. So I watch mostly as a shout-out to Cousin Rob and the cast of Friday Night Lights. Also, does anyone know if Bachelor Brad Womack is related to Lee Ann?

why don't you just tell me the name of the movie you would like to see?

So-I just found out that you can add 'moviefone' as a buddy on ichat. Then you just chat it the name of a movie, or a zip code. And it tells you movie times/theaters/links to movie sites, etc. Instantly. Instant Messaging at its finest.


Oct 11, 2007

i love/hate it when horoscopes are 'accurate'

tall girls love buying shoes at nordstrom rack

I'm serious. I see the highest concentration of tall girls in the shoe department of Nordstrom Rack than anywhere else. On Earth.

Oct 10, 2007

you're too late, baby

it's done. the blue is brighter, the gray lighter than i expected. But I can't get over how perfect the yellow is.

Oct 9, 2007

what color should I paint these things?

Colors I'm really liking as options: Yellow, Gray, the Blue of this lamp:

Like this:


These shoes have been in every 'get rid of' pile I've made in the last 4 years. But then they stay. They were a spontaneous $10 purchase and have served me well. Last night, they went in yet another pile (the garbage can). But then I wanted to take pictures of them before they left me forever. And now they're not in the garbage can anymore. They aren't comfortable. The look awful. There's paint from my 200 East house on them. The laces are permanently laced too tight. But they've just been there with me through so many things? Or what? Why can't I say goodbye?

this is blowing my mind

craigslist has a Missed Connections section??? i've wanted this to exist so many times in my life. like right now. i love the internet.

Oct 8, 2007


i can't stop

Oct 7, 2007


these are the things i'm willing to leave my house for in this kind-o-weather:

-breakfast at ruth's
-sales at Michael's
-Nordstrom Rack
-a REAL game
-a visual to go along with the audio of General Conference
-breakfast cake at Matt's

Oct 5, 2007


since when are girls so crude? since when do boys love crude girls?


i tried really hard to stay up until 2am last night to watch the newest episode of Grey's Anatomy online. (that's when they release that night's episode) Luckily, I didn't make it.

i waited twenty-two years for this or $12 cotton candy

sorry for being so normal, universe

So this is going to sound dramatic, but, really, what's with all these people with normal emotions and a normal life and normal expectations getting completely worked over by people that insist on being non-normal? It's not fair or right or necessary. And it's really messing things up. And it's so stupid.

Oct 4, 2007

it's done!


Oct 1, 2007

seattle's a fine place to have a friend

but man, are we going to miss this lady around here