Jan 31, 2011

Help Us Help Us!

Hi, Regan and I entered a contest to win free(!) wedding photography from a really great photographer in Las Vegas. I was feeling a little embarrassed about this before but I've totally moved on to shameless self-promotion mode. Just in time too because now's the time for YOU to vote for US! Just go to this blog right HERE to do it. You can only vote once so the best thing to do would be to just click that right now and get it done, I think. And I won't be mad if you tell all your friends about it. I just think it'd be so cool to win. Right? We've got a week to make it happen!
(You can see our entry here if you want to do your research first.)

Thanksgiving 2010

I forgot how to blog there for a while. So, here's some pictures from the Neon Museum in Las Vegas that we finally finally went to during Thanksgiving break. We loved this place.

Jan 30, 2011

2 birds 1 weekend

Regan's BFA show-check
Engagement pictures-check

I don't know which was a greater success. So that's awesome. Coming up next-winning wedding photography, finding Regan a suit, and remembering how to take tests in college classes (I have my first one in about 3 years this week). But first we're gonna lay around a little and watch some Friday Night Lights and play some Sorry!. You know, the essentials of life.

Jan 27, 2011


Highlights of my day:
1. O turned 5 and loved the slinky I gave him

2. BYU is deleting their free student file storage network whatever that I totally forgot existed so they told me to get all my stuff off of it! Thank You BYU! So many gems of papers on there. Especially my Preparation for Marriage ones. An excerpt:

Although initially turned off by the idea and name of this little assignment, it wasn’t half bad. I got to ask things that may not come up for a while in normal conversation but that I would like to know. Maybe I’ll pretend this is a weekly assignment. At any rate, I suppose it was a roaring success. I mean, I am meeting him today for sammiches at the wilk. Smells like marriage to me. 

I guess I wrote my college papers as if they were just chats with my bff. (I keep wanting to make a joke about no wonder I never graduated but I can't tell if it's funny or not.) 

Lowlight of my day: nother cold sore (engagement pictures in T- 3 days) (I'm icing it while I type but I just don't have much hope.)

so true it hurts/we live in a weird world

Jan 23, 2011

any news is good news?

Feeling really boring lately. All I can muster:
I like coconut, mushrooms, and mustard now. (not together, gross) but still not onions
Still planning a wedding (where should we take our engagement pictures??)
Watching everything there is on Netflix via Wii
Saw this guy across the street from where I work
It's still sososo cold but at least it's been clear and sunny and deceitful about it?
Watching funny kid movies
My hair's kinda long now


Jan 8, 2011

To Do in 2011

Have more faith
Work harder
Be kinder

Never been more true

I never take off my coat

Seriously. Best purchase I've made in a long time. And not sure why I bother picking out clothes to wear under it every morning.