Dec 12, 2013

Tellin Stories

Gwen does this a couple times a day and it's my current favorite thing. Sometimes she's talking to me, sometimes one of her buddies, but always with this much enthusiasm. What is she talking about?! Who cares! Also, this video has made it clear that it's time to cut off the wispy mullet. Baby's growing up.

Nov 21, 2013


Gwen was a bat this year. Mostly because it required minor cutting and sewing on my part and because it was basically normal clothes which increases the odds of her cooperation. I think she needs a little cap with every costume she ever has, it's always my favorite part.
Church party:

Maryland cousin party:

She was stalwart about carrying her bucket full of miscellaneous toys from home

First candy bar. Now any metallic wrapper sets her off to the chance of something delicious being inside.

Baby Talk

Part 1:
When people talk to Gwen in a baby voice and ask her questions that she obviously can't answer, is it my responsibility to respond for her? My favorite way to answer is just to ignore it or shrug at them like "yep, she can't talk." but sometimes I am tempted to use a baby voice back to them and answer in Gwen's proxy. "I'm 15 months old, yep gettin so big!" Don't worry, this mostly only applies to strangers.

Part 2:
Gwen's been saying some words consistently and it's just the cutest. So far it's mostly: "Uh-ew" (uh-oh), "doggie", "daddy",  "this this this this this" (this covers anything she ever wants, smart move learning that one first), "baby", "up". Sometimes a crystal clear "oops" or something pops out of her jabber and it's shocking and awesome and unrepeatable. She also pretend reads books now and, you guessed it- it's so cute.

Nov 7, 2013

Anderson Family Reunion 2013 - Virginia

Pre-party at the ballpark. Gwen's first Giants game. A big deal for an Anderson.

Kiptopeke State Park beach

Those are WWII concrete ships in the background. I don't understand it either. 

Jamestown Colony

The local ice cream parlor. We were there at least 2 times a day.
They had homemade caramel sauce and a waffle ice cream sandwich.

Chincoteague Island

Hanging out around the lodges

Only one broken bone the whole week

This place was as ideal as it looks

Family Pictures. Sometimes I forget what a huge bunch of people we are.

The littles. There are 2 more since this. They just keep coming.
This really was our best one
Train ride back to New York
2015 can't come soon enough

Aug 28, 2013

Post-Vacation Blues

We've got it worse than normal this time:

It's rainy
It's hot
Gwen won't sleep through the night
Regan found a bunch of ticks on his body
I have about as many cold sores
There are no cousins here
Gwen does crazy cry-screaming through her baths now
I don't know what to do for cub scouts tomorrow
No one makes us dinner and then runs to our cabin to tell us it's ready
Life is rough

Virginia, take us back

Aug 13, 2013

Two for Me

Speaking of time flying, today marks 2 years in New York for us. What?!

Here are some things I'm doing right:
no eye contact (even when very strange things are happening)
brisk walking
giving directions to other people with confidence
having a working buzzer/intercom in our apt.
walking everywhere
being obsessed with people's apartments/rent/space/arrangements/etc
being obsessed with how people ended up living here and when/if they are going to leave

Here are some things I need to work on:
an accent (or at least finding some friends with accents)
pizza snobbery (I know good pizza but I'm still way too accepting of Little Caesar's)
wearing expensive shoes
getting more grocery/laundry/dinner delivery
being friends with my neighbors
having an edgy/effortless haircut
spending time in the actual city
saying the word 'schlep' more often

Aug 12, 2013


Well, it happened. Gwen's a toddling one-year-old now. I don't have anything to say that I haven't been saying all along. It is overwhelming to think about how much I love her and how much lots of people all over the place have loved her since before she was even born. So much love and I swear she can feel it. She is a confident one. I think one of my favorite things about being a parent so far is creating the world that Gwen knows. I didn't expect to think about this so much but it's on my mind a lot. I love knowing that I get to make a safe and fun and warm and happy and loving place for her to know about and live in. It's easy to create a nurturing, protected environment for her so far and not have her be exposed to negative things (except all the public transit, sorry about that Gwen). It's just pretty easy to keep her happy so far and it feels good to be able to do that for her. (I'm not trying to take all the credit for her natural demeanor but you know what I mean.) And not only environment but with our relationship too. A whole year with not a single ill thought/feeling between us. (At least on my end, I shouldn't speak for her.) I know I will slowly lose control of this as she grows so I'm trying to enjoy it while it lasts. I think my excitement for the future might slowly be edging out my sadness for the time that's gone. Especially since parties are now involved.

On the car ride over to the park. Only 5/12 balloons made it to the start of the party. It was a windy day.

Most charming backdrop aroundYep, I'm a mom

Feeding other people is hilarious

She likes him


She wore her hat for a second (as soon as no one was looking)We sang to her Lots of cake pictures

We ate these

While she kept working on the cake

Skyline, river, ferry, pigeon, bridge, carousel
I guess we know where she gets her surprised face. These girls are so good to her.So is Ender
All tuckered out and dreaming of the pizza she will awake to.

Happy Birthday Gwen!