Oct 30, 2009

wull do they?

spooky awesome photos by ruven afandor

Oh hello, Portland

I like cities with rivers/water involved in the downtown
I feel cool navigating your public transportation
There are really a whole bunch of homeless dudes sleeping everywhere
Please bless all the babies can stop being sick
Portland Struck knows how to throw a mean party/have a sweet studio
I like your fog but not your lack of sun
Let's be friends

This is me restraining

I could fill an entire ocean with the shoes I love right now. Saw these here.

Oct 29, 2009

Oct 26, 2009

I'm really into Photobooth lately/again okay

This is what I look like at my new office when I'm talking to people and pretending I'm not taking a picture of myself (I don't think anyone's ready to know how much I do this). It's pretty cool over here.

Oct 24, 2009

What do you do in your spare time?

That's untouched you guys. It's just dark in here. Spooky. I guess I'll go bind a quilt or something.

Oct 23, 2009

moving shmoving

We're moving over to the Axiom studio for a couple months until we move back to the Struck/Axiom studio and blah blah I'm cleaning out my desk and found lots of awesome stuff. My favorites so far:
this is funny because he is tall and skinny and happy normally
kinder egg surprise!
and just an average to-do list from who-knows-when. thanks, dan.

Oct 22, 2009

I hope these are all true

{learn something new every day}


Comcast dude didn't show up. I'm in my car outside cucina. Is this the point where i call a hotline or something?

Oct 21, 2009

Map Blankets! or Yes, I Know I'm Transparent

Of course I love these quilted map blankets by Haptic Lab. They do custom orders of any area, any scale. Like, Church Street in Taft, CA or The Avenues or Greece. Way to go, guys, way to go.

goodbye, human world

Getting internet AND cable today at home. A situation I've only had for one year out of the last seven. I'm kind of nervous for my interpersonal communications but so excited for the BLAHGGING! (Okay, and the DVR. And the not being 5 weeks behind on every show.)

The September Issue

I loved this movie. I want to see a well-made documentary about every single thing on this planet. And about every issue of every magazine. I totally remember this issue in 2007. Anyway, it was real good. I love people that are passionate about and good at their jobs. (the frazzled redhead is THE BEST.) I think being a stylist for a magazine is up there on my dream jobs.

And yes, I also loved loved Where the Wild Things Are. Loved.

And now I just need to see UP and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I was stoked from the first trailer for both and still haven't gone. What's my deal?

Oct 20, 2009

Oct 16, 2009

But you guys

WHY do people smoke?

Beyonce AND a baby? I'll take it. Doi.

Oct 15, 2009

tonight tonight tonight tonight tonight

I can't even type the name of it

All these good artists being on the soundtrack of this movie are making it really hard for me to not support this stupidest empire ever in any way. Whyyyy are they doing this to me? I'd post the songs for you, but apparently I don't know how to do that after all.

Wouldn't That Be Nice?

I hope the next trend after 'quarter-life crisis' (or whatever's going on now) is simpler. Like wearing 3-piece suits to baseball games. Or traveling by rail.

Oct 14, 2009

Why is it that every time i go to the grocery store, i see like 7 girls i would date and 0 guys? Okay fine, maybe .5. But still!


look at it every day. well, for the next 12 or whatever. you won't be sorry. and don't make fun of my word, i had limited resources.

2 (of many) Reasons

That Fall is A-Okay with Me Today:

p.s. If you're wondering why you like these songs so much, it's because Ryan Gosling is behind them. Yes I just linked you to a Pitchfork article. Please do not yell at me.

p.p.s. It took about 5 hours and 4 people for me to get these songs on here. So, enjoy. And expect a milli more in the future. If I can remember how to do it.

Oct 12, 2009

Things that replaced internet access (not an easy feat) this weekend:

Hot tubs
Red rocks
3 dollar shirts
The dream catcher i've been dreaming of
Friendship Rings!
Cable TV
Cute waiters serving delicious fontinas
Really good friends
Swimsuits everywhere

I'm sure I'n forgetting some but really I coulda stopped after the first two and the task would have been accomplished. I never knew how much I loved St George but boy are those outlets WORTHLESS. I'll prolly show you some pictures suntine.

Oct 9, 2009

things i have a very low tolerance for:

diet soda

wahh wahh wahh

Oct 8, 2009


Hillary Duff's on Gossip Girl? Playing me? (kate) But herself? (some silver-screen actress) I care?

i like words and new ways of saying things

for an example:

My fingers are numb

If only winter were always this magical? At least now I can drink tonses of hazelnut steamed milk?

Oct 7, 2009


leather boots + leather jacket + leather bag


Oct 4, 2009

Is there anyone who doesn't want to stare at these ceilings for the rest a their life? Anyone?

I didn't really think so. (You can't really tell how great the colors are in this picture. They're in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. That place is just plain gorgeous. Plus there's like a 50% chance there will be the pleasantest older gentleman playing old classics on the lobby piano. Unbeatable.)

having a sister-mama-sister sleepover is totally worth 8 hours in a car with little-to-no radio

It turns out I don't know very much about Shakespeare, but that doesn't really bother me. It also turns out that I kinda love live theater, which also doesn't bother me. Anyway...
The road between Salt Lake and Cedar City looked much better on Saturday morning

Then it did on Sunday afternoon

I didn't take any pictures of the fun that occurred between my two visits with that road. sahree.
And now I'm just sitting here enjoying my souvenir from the weekend

Oct 1, 2009

My kinda rain

This keeps me entertained for far longer than it probably should.