Aug 26, 2012

I was born to hold you in these arms

Well, two weeks with Gwen has come and gone. Man we love this girl. Mostly we just hold her and stare at her and talk about how cute she is and try to mimic her awesome hand gestures. She gets praises for eating, burping, sleeping, waking up, pooping, gaining tons of weight, kicking her legs, etc. Anything she does, we're proud of her. You can't spoil a newborn, right?


This is the face we get every time she wakes up.


Just when we think she's getting big, we see a picture like this  

 My view when she's in the carrier. Angel baby.

Our first family picture. Not out finest work. But can you see the sweet sign Regan had waiting for Gwen?

Aug 15, 2012


Gwen Elizabeth
August 11, 2012
7 lbs. 1 oz.
Nothing could be better than this