Nov 28, 2007


this is seriously making me feel good about myself. almost as good as i feel about myself when i refuse a bag at a store and just carry my items. you know, because i'm saving the world.

speaking of snow

yesterday about 3pm (snowing):

18 hours later (still snowing):

taking photobooth pictures at work is seriously my new favorite game. trying to get the window and myself in these was an especially exciting challenge. i've had the capabilities to play this game for over 2 years but no one ever told me how fun/ny it is.

what if snow were warm?**

just think about that for a while.

Nov 27, 2007

leg warmers

the best $5.80 i've spent in a long time. they're kind of changing my life. and this picture of them is funny:

Nov 26, 2007


drinking water at work: i get a new glass every other day, but only the kind without the thick glass section at the bottom. i get a new straw every time i refill my glass. i drop one piece of ice between the ice machine and my glass the first time i fill it in the morning. i never leave water in it overnight.

people have no idea how soft i am

and i'm not just talking about my hair. people know about my hair.

if i never go to bed, then tomorrow never comes, right?

Nov 21, 2007

this movie made me:

A. laugh
B. want to move to Rhode Island
C. miss my family
D. want to start drinking tea
E. want daughters
F. want to live at The Old Timer for a while
G. want to write a book
H. cry

I put the letters like it was going to be a question. but it's not really a question, just a list

things that make kake happy:

lots of things got added, remembered, starred, etc. on this list yesterday. some of them:
-yellow teacups full of lemonheads
-solo performances of 'happy birthday' on my phone (and don't think just because my mom was singing alone that she left out any of the pizazz or didn't take the time to find the right notes)
-learning the hip new dance from my way older co-worker (soulja boy, robocop, superman)
-tee shirts with embroidered cupcakes
-good movies
-motown music
-king-sized candy bars
-people being comfortable enough to pick up the (adult) mad libs book or sit down to a game of boggle at my house
-birthday baklava
-one-of-a-kind birthday illustrations, faxes
-the ability to write truly secret messages
-burt's bees junk (i love using stuff)
-fresh flowers
-being around/in contact with people i love (that's right, i LOVE you guys)

i'll have the yoojz

for many months (years?) i've struggled with the spelling of 'the yoojz', you know, the short version of 'the usual'. and anyway, i'm really happy to finally have this spelling standardized by carrie and cora. the yoojz. use it.

Nov 19, 2007

i want the mall

go outside

the weather has been so perfect lately
(and it'll be 20 degrees cooler tomorrow than it is today)

Nov 17, 2007

Nov 15, 2007

i want to go to a World Series game some time before i die

i just decided that. and didn't want to forget it.

1. i love this
2. can i have that hair color, please?

and all you see is where else you could be

i didn't go to any of these. and now all the footage is starting to stream from the denver shows, and the seattle ones are this weekend. and then concert season is kind of over. and i'm getting worked up about it? gosh. it's okay. they are just concerts. it's nbd.

Nov 14, 2007

if it were 2006, i'd be watching The Who perform right now

and doing all of these other things. this year today, i spent 4 hours at the letterpress studio printing maggie in warm gray 9 onto crane's lettra in pearl and listening to a lecture on the history of printing in western europe. it might seem like i've gotten really boring in the last year. and maybe i have. and i like The Who. but i also kind of like boring. So take that, 2006.

Magic at the Symphony with Lyn Dillie (the symphony AND a magic show. just try to keep me away from this.)

November 16 & 17 | 8 pm | Abravanel Hall | Join the Utah Symphony for an evening that will keep you guessing from the first downbeat. A backdrop of classical favorites accompanies astounding illusions in this spellbinding performance.
more info

(you know if you come to this, i'll spontaneously hostess something delicious to eat, immediately following, at my place. or the melting pot is like 8 blocks away. i'm just saying. come. girls get your boys, boys get your girls. or whatever.)

you are probably one of these people

These nicknames just never stop being funny to me

-fake rob
-the girl that's not afraid of color
-tan and toned
-micro machine
-fastest car in provo
-shane shear
-winder dairy
-queen of the scene
-the rog
-corner pocket

Nov 13, 2007

this just blew my mind

i saw these here

Nov 12, 2007


(i really do want real suggestions)

terms, i need to come to them

i am never going to be brunette
i am not photogenic
i do not have a fake smile

and don't try to change my mind, right when it's about to get a grip on those three things. k, thanks.

Nov 11, 2007

no reservations

this chin being on his face

is the only thing that could make up for these being on his feet

Nov 9, 2007

fri days=look-like-a-12-year-old-boy days

i'm almost 23

i feel (blank) about that

Nov 8, 2007

letterpress: 1 kakie: 1

touche, clamshell. i'll see you saturday.

i think i lied

i can't find full episodes of Project Runway online, just 5 minute recaps. I'm so sorry.

hezzie got me

Five things I was doing 10 years ago:
1) going through 8th grade
2) learning about life and death
3) wearing braces, a perm, and glasses (this trifecta was a goal of mine)
4) wearing skorts and overalls
5) trying really hard

Five things on my to-do list today:
1) finish this blasted pomegranate
2) send this letter
3) finish my second run on my second letterpress project
4) burn my autumn mix unto a cd
5) pilates

Five snacks I enjoy:
1) string cheese
2) chocolate milk
3) toast
4) cookie dough
5) pb&j

Five songs I know the lyrics to (i don't get it-i just choose any five songs?):
1) any dashboard confessional/saves the day/mxpx song released before 2002
2) any stars song
3) bicycle built for two
4) move along -all american rejects
5) any feist song

Five things I will never wear again:
1) my cinderella birthday dress
2) skorts and overalls
3) spandex in public (like i did in volleyball for 4 years)
4) a wedge/mushroom haircut
5) size 6 shoes

Five of my favorite toys:
1) laptop
2) tape/any type of adhesive
3) tetris/dr. mario
4) swings
5) babies


EVERY episode of project runway is available online. from all 3 seasons! this oughtta keep me busy for, i don't know, days.

amanda bynes was born to make dollar movies and WB hits

she's just perfect for them. and they're just perfect for me.

update: a funny thing to bring into the movie theater with you: 2 full-sized bags of chips

Nov 7, 2007

new favorite

NPR live concert podcast

well that was a mean trick

this morning my funny little computer decided to put everything in the font Curlz. puke.

Nov 6, 2007

Nov 5, 2007

hoodies, horses and the hits in hoytsville

old roons and my new(ish) neighbor

200 east house roommates (minus steph-steph) reunited for allison's birthday and megan's return to town. walking a few blocks to sawadee is always a good idea.

worst return policy/customer service ever

i wish i had the strength to boycott this place but i just don't

adorable can be such a condescending word

daylight savings time=winter=nonstop listening to Stars

Nov 4, 2007

i wish i were the moon

sometimes i think about my mind when i was a kid. and gosh, i was creative. and then i think about the kids i know, and gosh, so are they. i just really love that about kids. they can do anything. and think anything. and it's really sad when life experiences start outweighing the lack of life experiences. because, once you've seen sneakers a certain number of times, the story you wrote about the sneakers that were alive and best friends, sounds sort of silly. and all this fact just starts getting in the way and wrestling all the imagination out. which is i guess necessary on some level but still sad. point is, i'm never telling my kids any facts.

riddle me this, clicks

i'm confused. so, leggings count as pants, suitable to be worn as the lone piece on the bottom half of your body on saturday night and then count as tights suitable to be worn with an otherwise unsuitable dress/skirt on sunday morning?

what time is it really?

i don't want to get up and start making breakfast if it's an hour earlier than that needs to start happening. i thought the internet would tell me the truth but i don't trust it so i guess the only way for me to be sure is to go in the kitchen where the microwave clock has been untouched by automatic digital satellite time switching but that's just so far away. (my bedroom door opens into the kitchen. it's not far at all. in fact, it couldn't really be closer. i'm being dramatic)

Nov 1, 2007


i think i'd happily go on a tour of any factory anywhere. factories just really fascinate me. all those machines were thought up by some person to do this very specific task. and everything is so mechanical and innovative and precise and not exactly how i'd imagine it'd be done but it works so well and there is chocolate running through the pipes of the building! or marshmallow! or ocean spray cranberry juice! or whatever thing the factory you're touring makes! just add factories to the list of things i am always willing to do (which, so far, is: go to festivals, watch E! True Hollywood Story, go to Smith's, and play with babies)