Aug 28, 2009


Thank you ever so kindly for posting Project Runway on your site. Without commercials!

Kakie Girl

p.s. does anyone care about anyone yet this season? I mean I know it just started but I wanna pick a fave RIGHT NOW and I don't have one. Meh.

Aug 27, 2009

I wish I'd named this video

I just like it when the people I like are right by me OR please no one else move

Is that so much to ask?

Every. Time.


is worth this

(probably by times about maybe 100)
{and yeah, our average age is like 25, what's your point?}

Aug 26, 2009

Old Soul New Heart

This girl Shea {who I've only met one time in real life when she was dating Casey and instantly (am I allowed to even say this??) disliked because of A. jealousy and B. jealousy but have been internet loving since probably about the same time (because I didn't actually dislike her, ya know? I just wanted to be her or at least a close friend of hers)} just launched an accessories business with her mom and, well, it's fantastic. Go See It!
p.s. Shea, if you ever see this, please don't take offense, I'm just a girl, okay

Aug 25, 2009

I Just Have Folders of This Stuff Sitting Here OR I Always Get Very Serious at 2am, Please Don't Read Too Much Into It

{Really, folders full, and I don't remember where I got them all. Sahree}

Aug 24, 2009

i'd pay someone ten bucks to unpack for me right now

It's a bummer to come home and realize that 4 months after moving in, our house still smells like dirt/hotel. But anyway, if I never go to sleep then Monday never comes, right? And it's not Shayna and Veronica and Paul and everyone else's last week here in Utah? K good, then I'll stick to this plan.

Aug 23, 2009

In complete contrast to my current setting

This weekend I attended a very classy wedding at a very classy location and a reception at another classy location (like, they exited on a gondola out into the ocean) for a very awesome cousin and his love Lisa. It was great. I like California. There's sunshine (sometimes) and flowers and oceans and baseball games with long lost crushes. But too much driving. Oh man, the driving.

The Tackiest Place on Earth OR I Only Blah From Airports

Las Vegas Airport:
-drunk girls in bikinis in line by me-they set off every detector even though everyone could plainly see they were only wearing bikinis (seriously)
-slot machines. everywhere.
-mobster lookin guys talking about gambling really loudly on blackberries
-so much old, tan skin
-so many people wearing sunglasses indoors?
-so much bling
-you guys all know what i'n talking about
-I finished my book far too early on this trip
-I wish I were in Italy. Shhhh.

I can always pick out the people with my shared destination (salt lake city) rather easily as we go through the security process. I'd say I'm 80% accurate. Would it be completely whatever of me to watch What Happens in Vegas while I wait for my delayed (again?) plane?

Aug 20, 2009


in the airport
phone's dead
ipod's dead
11 minutes of laptop battery left
sore tummy
whiny bunny

Aug 19, 2009

definitely not sick of this OR nothing else is as exciting as this video to me right now

{better quality here}
I think it's officially a new life goal of mine to help make one of these videos. And I mean, I'll just clean the chalk or pick
the butterfly colors or whatever. I just want to be there and see it all. So magical!

Aug 18, 2009

if you ever want to not make me mad

this will do it: be in my room when i get home with 4+ of my other favorite buddies, each with your own computer, soaking up some serious internet in mine bedroom (and frantically passing around a power chord every 7 or so minutes) (and eating fruit snacks and popsicles) (and laughing at every joke/backflip/antic). Really, great work tonight, guys.

Aug 17, 2009

Weekend's over, huh?


Aug 16, 2009

that's what the thing is

It shouldn't feel like this (in the 70 degrees in full daylight) in August. BUT. If it's going to. I might as well be woken up at 7am on a Saturday to the loudest thunders I'n ever heard!, start boot shopping, sit on my porch for many hours, enjoy the most perfect soccer game weather ever recorded, eat my breakfee outside, open up all these windows, eat a navajo taco for dinner, and just generally have a very rocking day. Right guys, right?

i like how she moves her shoulders. and looks 15.

Aug 14, 2009

i like my skechers but i LOVE my prada backpack

um, i can have this ring please?

ya know?

if ordering pizza from a computer/phone/without talking to a human isn't the future, what is?

Aug 13, 2009

yep. loved it.

Aug 12, 2009

uh oh

It's never a good sign when the first thing someone says to you at work is 'tired?'.

Aug 11, 2009

cobbler bobbler

I don't understand how/with what shoes are made if I am constantly repairing them (with double-sided tape and super glue) so well that they never break again?

Aug 4, 2009


Every boy can go ahead and dress like this guy does in this movie. (Yes of course I loved it.) Thanks. Bye. (And if that means I HAVE to dress like Zooey then sobeit.)

Aug 1, 2009

i don't really know what this is called but it's remarkable

As of today, my mom's new stem cells have been in her body for one year. And so far, they really like it there and are doing a great job. I'm glad for that.