Mar 28, 2009

and boy are mine arns tired

i just letterpressed for 8 hours straight. i needa massage. or an apple slush from sonic. or something.

Mar 27, 2009

is there anything more disgusting than Ed Hardy anything?

plus it's just ugly in there

I don't go to Wal-Mart very often, at all. BUT they are the only place open late that have any type of sewing/crafting supplies so sometimes I just have to, okay? Anyway, I had to tonight. And while I was there, I was wandering around (is it just me or is that place designed to make it physically impossible to focus your mind on any one thing?), not finding anything I needed, and I heard a lady SCREAMING over by the door. So I scooted over to see what was happening (don't wanna miss a good blahg story) and this man was tackling her to the floor and yelling 'ma'am don't! don't! ma'am! don't!'. What on earth? So I asked someone by me what happened and they tell me, (as they walk along at a normal pace) "Oh, she was just trying to take a baby out of another woman's cart. And the baby's mama was like 'NO!' and this man jumped on her and tackled her to the ground." And I'm like "Oh. Okay. Do you know wear the headbands are?" What is with people acting so crazy? And why did it not surprise me or ANYONE AROUND ME that this was happening? Because we were in Wal-Mart. That's why. There is seriously something so wrong about that place. Just for the record, the last time I was there, this Lady (who happened to have about 6 kids under the age of 4) lost one of her sons and was like totally non-chalant about it. Like, 'yeah, well, he's prolly 5 years old and he had on like a blue er red shirt and some pants. Just whatever, I mean, just gimme a call if you see him around.' Cool.

Dark was the Night, Casey was Right

I bought this album yesterday without even checking the track list because Casey said it was SO ME and because, you know, it's for charity. Anyway, worth every penny. Every single virtual penny that flew through cyber space. I can't stop listening to it. You can preview the whole thing on itunes or amazon if you don't trust me as much as I trust Casey.

Mar 26, 2009

enough emotion, let's talk about clothes!

I'd never seen ModCloth before. Turns out I want 80% of this stuff. and 100% of the Gentle Fawn line. See:

Mar 25, 2009

No really, I cried

Sometimes you come home from maybe not the best day of work and feeling kinda confused and kinda crummy and kinda like "there's no way this is life"-y and "I didn't actually get anything started on that gigantic project, did I?"-y and "really smith's? really? today you're going to be out of burt's bees chapstick? TODAY?"-y and you find a treasure waiting for you. And I mean, a TREASURE.
{I think you need to understand that I'm the kind of person that checks my mailbox every. single. time. I walk by it, you know, just in case someone left me a secret note. I always check my windshield wipers for the same reason. And no, i've never actually had a secret note or compliment or golden ring or anything in those places. But I always check. Because the thought of something being there is just too thrilling not to.}
N-E-way. Sometimes you come home and find a treasure. And it's a white box with endless possibilities and a very promising return address. And you open it sloowwwlllly because it's not everday you get a treasure. And it starts out good—really good. And then it gets better—almost eerie better. And then you stop. Cuz there's no way this is really sitting in front of you. There's no way your friend, even IF you are lucky enough to have a friend like Jill, really truly sent you a CAMERA in the mail. I mean like, a real camera, that's little and cute and 7.1 megapixels. And then you just sorta read the note over and over and wonder how come you get to have people like this in your life. And how come they like you enough to be so good to you. And it feels really good.

Mar 23, 2009

The night Max wore his wolf suit and made mischief of one kind

The only way I could be more excited about this, is if I were him. Really.

Mar 22, 2009

you guys might think this is funny

I'm JUST realizing what an awfully jealous person I am

pairs well with Joe Versus the Volcano (aka a sunday nap)

Seriously, if you don't enjoy this, you don't enjoy life. And if those are your bangle bracelets on my arm, thank you. I love them very much and wear them a lot. I've had them for a long time but have no idea where I got them. I feel like I probably stole them from a friend? So I guess I'm also sorry. But mostly thankful.

Mar 21, 2009

not dumb

it's 7:29pm and still looks like this outside:

Mar 20, 2009

things that have made me tear up in the last 3 days:

-mama describing her favorite episodes of The Andy Griffith Show during hotel breakfast
-walking into The Bakery with mama to meet her 3 college roommates for lunch and watching their faces light up
-private practice
-stopping in the middle of the Gateway mall to call Grandpa Robert and sing Happy Birthday. (only to have our cheering and 'i love you' ing met with 'well alright's and 'okay then's. I wouldn't have it any other way.

It seems like there were more things on my mental list. You know, so this post would be worth writing. I guess I'm less of a baby than I thought. Cool!

Mar 15, 2009

i don't wanna talk about how many of those oatmeal coogies are left

BUT. I do want to talk about a few a the sweetest things. Like—how wonderful bare-legged bike rides are. {whether you make it to your intended destination or not} The freedom of a bike is just unbeatable. You can stop where/whenever you want! And just wander around. And the way my bell jingles when I go over a bump. And how my hamstrings hurt after my first bike-riding weekend of the year. {don't judge me} And it's getting harder and harder to guess the time of day because the days just keep getting longer and more magical. I love that. I also love afternoon tea. Everything's MINI! And delicious and beautiful and you can stay for 3 hours and no one cares. And isn't there some famous quote about just needing a bit of dirt to call your own to be happy? Or sumseen? Anyway, that's how I feel. Even the teeniest strip of miscellany below our front windows will do for now. And am I the only person that constantly has a bag of things to go to Goodwill? It never ends. Where did it all this stuff come from? {I missed my camera terribly this weekend, not being able to capture all this spring.}

dear veronica and lissa,

If this doesn't make you like mates of state, I don't know what will.

Mar 14, 2009

When I don't know what to do with myself, I bake.

cuz then at least I don't know what to do with myself AND I have 60 oatmeal cookies on my counter?

Mar 13, 2009

why do you build me up {build me up} Buttercup Baby, just to let me down {let me down} and mess me around. I need you! More than anyone, darlin'...

You can't hate on something that puts that song in your head instantly. Which is exactly what these little guys did when I walked in from work today and saw that they had turned from ambiguous 'stems' at smith's for $1.99 to this (!!) while I was gone. I wasn't nearly that productive today. Way to go, li'l guys.

{p.s. do I need to apologize for EVERY picture I put up from my photobooth? Or are you guys starting to get the idea?}

Mar 12, 2009

one (of about a zillion) reasons it's nice to have sisters

Is cuz they know the exact kindsa mini things you like to keep in your purse. So that, if all those things are ever say, stolen, they can help you replace them. And they do. And it makes my day.

{Seriously. Excuse the picture. Remember how I don't have a camera? And how I'n too lazy to flip the picture the right way? Or find a not-my-bed place to lay anything out?}

Mar 11, 2009

avocado+salt and pepper=candy

there is way too much more where this came from

Sometimes there's nothing left to do at 12:15am but start rifling through folders on your computer and reading old school papers you happen upon. For some reason computer folders are something I cannot keep organized. Anyway, if it lends itself to finding gems like this, I'm not gonna stop it: (please keep in mind this was 3 years ago {like i've even changed} and for a marriage prep class at byu and I NEEDED THE POINTS!)

Did you really turn this into a teacher? yes.
Did you really do those things? yes. but I'm pretty sure they are all exaggerated. cuz I don't kiss boys.

Mar 8, 2009

but more importantly

I FINALLY saw Wall-E! And you were all right. I did love it. You said I would and I reary reary did.

vegans in true religion jeans

Yesterday was a day full of contradictions. I don't really want to talk about ALL of them. But for example: Megan and I went to the sunflower market we'd been hearing so much about and bought all the organic, low-priced, high-quality produce we could handle. And then we went to chuck-a-rama for dinner. (heyyy...I'd never been before and it was close and she loves it and they have a really great salad bar and and) Anyway, it was delicious. Seriously delicious. And entertaining (eavesdropping and people watching are at their prime there) and I CAN NOT stop thinking about their rolls (basically mini loaves of sweet white bread) and honey butter. It's worth the $10 for that and the chocolate milk. That they have ON TAP. And it was clean and I kinda want to date our little waiter guy. So there's that fer that.
Other activities yesterday included:
me buying a $5 hat
costco shakes
us trying to see marley and me for the 18th time and it being sold out for the 18th time
MAJOR steals at the Michael's dollar spot
the women- (don't see it. it's a movie with an entirely female cast-which is obviously a dumb idea.)
finding the house of my dreams
figuring out ways to make my look more 'edgy'
and then a quick stop into hot topic

Mar 7, 2009

hot tubs on roofs

best invention ever?

Mar 5, 2009

it's been four years and i'm still obsessed with this song

in like a lion is right!

threak it's crazy out there!

{um, this is trying to show the snow/rain/wind all over in my hair. as i am without camera right now, you may want to get used to these types of pictures}

Mar 4, 2009

seriously though, how hard is it to mail me a new debit card?

I'n not sure if it was the petty crime committed against me (petty may be my new favorite word) or just nothing at all that started it but, I've been spending a lot of time thinking about (un)fairness lately. And it's a pretty stupid idea because, you know, life actually isn't fair and all that, and it just leaves me feeling deflated and undoubtedly isn't helping my stomach. I find myself thinking ridiculous thoughts about the universe being completely aware of how I'm feeling and adjusting itself accordingly. It's just never a good idea to start thinking I deserve certain things to happen in some certain way. And I just hate how this mood turns things I sincerely enjoy into bothersome, daunting tasks (those plants need water AGAIN??). I guess I'm just tryna blog it out, you know, and not think about how disgusting the ginger cookies I just made are or that I just missed the premiere of America's Next Top Model.

Mar 3, 2009

sh sh sh sh sh sh sh

Things I'm trying really hard not to blah about:
—the bachelor
—my car getting broken into and everything i own being stolen
—in the venue
—me joining twitter
—me sleeping through my letterpress shift (and pretty much the entire weekend)
—the fact that i am wearing my last pair of unmentionables today but still don't feel much motivation to do laundry
—the creepy creepy lifeless state of every person we saw in wendover on fridee night and how comfortable seeing all the casinos made me
—the fact that john is flying to brazil today and how weird it is to not be able to text him
—the return of my chronic stomach ache/bloody noses

Things I'm trying really hard to blah about:
—air supply in wendover (and our general domination of wendover and how this is my new default thought)
—how john already sounds different in his emails
—the phone i inherited from john that has a full keyboard and i seriously can't figure out how to work it
—what a good idea bonfires are

sooooo. does this count as a post?