Jul 31, 2007


if you go to the yummy new gelato place, maestro's, in provo (which i highly recommend): 1) say hi to courtney and 2) save your cute little dish and give it to me. I'll even wash it out. they're just so cute. don't waste them.

Jul 30, 2007

if you love temptation

go to www.urbanoutfitters.com right now. everything's on sale. shoes, bowls, egglings. i want the mall.

refuge from the storm

my favorite thing so far about living in salt lake is that i get to be everyone's escape from provo. really. i love love getting phone calls/texts from people stating their Need! to come up tonight. I also love the sleepovers. so many sleepovers.

Jul 27, 2007


Uh, these are -waterproof -not that expensive -in really great colors -in the shape of raindrops. iWant iWant.

I guess these will have to satisfy my recent desire for something high-tech and wonderful:

I chose white. Thank you all for your votes.

pride rock

Why does it make me feel so good to see this message?

i totally l'd ol. and i never lol in movies

I kept seeing previews (back when I had TV) for Hairspray and i'd think two thoughts the whole way through them: "Musical! Christopher Walken! Amanda Bynes! Zac Efron! Allison Janney! okay!" and "John Travolta? Queen Latifa? Ricki Lake? Cross dressing? ehhhh". But then everyone kept going to see it and loving it. (And there's no way I was going to fall behind in my social circle just because I happen to despise cross dressing in movies) So, I went. And, I loved it. Like, really really loved it. I want every movie to be a musical. And to be followed by a sudden summer rainstorm.

Jul 26, 2007

add it to the list

-reason #93 I'm excited to have children of my own: making up names for food I make.

Because: kids won't know any better so they'll just take it and run, so trusting. And then when they're in college and having a pioneer day sleepover and their friend makes them breakfast and they announce their excitement for Hootenannies! everyone will have a good pleasant laugh. And they'll realize, for the last 22 years, they've been had.


From: Frank Hanksen
Date: Jul 26, 2007 1:34 PM
Subject: Your room is urgently needed
To: hous-382224678@craigslist.org

Hello my names are Mr Frank and i reside in London England,i decded to contact you  because i saw the advert of your room to let in the craig list room shared.I have a daughter who is a student and have  just graduated from the university named St.Petersburg State University,Russian Federation.She is free now and i want her to come down to the states and settle her self down there and get a job for her self.I would have loved her to come down to London and spend some time with me but she and the step mother who is presently living with me in London are not in good terms and i dont want any problem to arise between them if she comes here, so she decided  to go to the states. I am an International Journalist and i hardly stay at home,i always travel from time to time, so if i should not be at home,something bad might happen between her and the step mother.So we agreed for her to go to usa and get something doing for her self for  the period of time when the problems will be solved in the family.Things have not been going fine in the family ever since she lost her mother which was (my wife) and i married another woman.But everything will get batter as time goes on which i am really praying to God for restoration in my family.
At this juncture i want you to kindly  give me the description of the room, the cost of moving inn and any associated deposits that might be required so that i may be sure of this room ahead of her arrival.
If you feel like contacting me directly,this is my mobile number.
Thanking you in anticipation of your kind and quick response.
Hope to hear from you soon..
Yours Sincerely
Mr Frank

listen to radiolab (radiolab.org)

You know, while you're waiting for the next This American Life to come. So good.

After only being an audience member for one day, I have learned:
-most living things only turn off half their brain while sleeping. so they only experience that inbetween drowsy loopy feeling. (which doesn't sound entirely bad)
-it is, in fact, possible to have memories erased and implanted in your mind. (yes, just like Eternal Sunshine)
-memories are made of proteins. and with certain strategically timed doses of a drug that stops protein production, you can just prevent a memory from ever forming.
-ducks sleep with one eye open
-about 50% of people would be willing to suffocate their own crying baby to save an entire village that is hiding. (I don't know what I would do. Prolly just cry a lot.)
-100% of people would flip a lever to switch a train's track so that it would hit one man instead of 5. But 0% of people would push that man on the tracks to save the 5.
-when exposed to it for one 4 hour block, tetris will be present in 60% of those people's dreams

Jul 24, 2007

everybody's doing it

gist: hit Party Shuffle and match it to this list, that could be a list of anything really, and sometimes there's a revelatory connection or a real good mix or a forgotten gem.

opening credits: Kill-Jimmy Eat World
waking up: Shanty For The Arethusa-The Decemberists
first day at school: Fakin' It-Simon & Garfunkel
in love: What Else is There-Royksopp
fight song: Sister Winter-Sufjan Stevens
breaking up: What Sarah Said-Death Cab for Cutie
prom: Meaningless-Magnetic Fields
life's ok: St. Ides Heaven-Elliot Smith
mental breakdown: Sprout And The Bean-Joanna Newsom
driving: Track 15-Birthday Mix 2004
flashback: Three or Four-The New Pornographers
getting back together: Melancholia-The Who
birth of child: Black Out-The Good Life
wedding: The Wedding-James Horner-Legends of the Fall (i'm serious)
final battle: Swing, Swing-The All-American Rejects
death scene: Hummingbird-Wilco
funeral song: Thriller-Ben Gibbard
end credits: Tidal Wave-David Gray

what's wrong with the world

i just turned on Sweet Caroline (for the 5th time today, 1st at work) and 6 of my coworkers put on headphones. only 2 whistled the bomp bomp bomp part.

i really love my new place

Eventually i'll stop talking about moving/old house/new house/etc. But not today. I love my new place. It feels more like home already than the old place did after three months. It's just so good. And it's just two of us. It's just ours. Why do I feel like I just moved out of my parent's house for the first time? Freedom!

So far we've had our first:
-housewarming gift
-dance session
-Holiday viewing
-hammock debacle

so good.

Jul 19, 2007

"it's official...I'm engaged!" is always a weird mass text to get

but it becomes super weird when the text preceding that one, by only a month, was "hey, wanna go out tonight?"

i seriously just did this

i'm in that dangerous denial stage of packing. where i think i don't have very much stuff. and i don't really need to pack. cuz i'm soo organized. but i've been told by many sources that i have more stuff than anyone they know. but i swear that can't be true. where is it? it all just fits nicely in any house i live in? and i forget all about the magnitude of it? every time? maybe this time i'll not do that, but be really truly packed and ready. eh, i'll be fine.

and—i try really hard to not keep things i don't need/use/etc. but what about the stuff that will just kill my kids? i mean, how am i supposed to know what they'll get a giant kick out of in 40 years? this is hard.

Jul 18, 2007

but before you think i'm entirely friendless

I was, after my other solo activities, cleaning out some boxes of letters and things in my room tonight. and boy, do i have great friends. and just so many fantastic things were there. homemade cards, invented crossword puzzles, rambly greetings from 3-year-old nieces, 'nice notes' from countless singles wards, simple yet genius doodles, inside joke after inside joke, thoughtful valentines, tear-provoking emails, drafts of letters never sent, drafts of letters sent. So hard for me to part with any scrap of it. So, anyway, I totally have friends.

Jul 17, 2007

wait, it's cool to just do everything alone, right?

movies, celebratory dinners, fancy neighborhood wandering, storm watching, evening runs. (i know, since when do i run?) but really, is there anything better than a summertime storm?

Jul 16, 2007

i'm moving, again

So, if anyone knows anyone that wants to live in my house. Two anyones, actually, let me know. The thing is, I don't recommend it. At all.

i don't know what this means

Yesterday someone thought I was 24 years old. "at least 24", actually. About 30 minutes later, someone thought I was 19. (and probably home schooled)

i love a lot of things about my family

one of them is the way we plan family reunions around train routes and jeep trails.

Jul 15, 2007

why can't aunts juggle? not ants that crawl, aunts that walk. not ants that we kill, aunts like you. **

some things i learned after a day as a mother of two:

i am no match for:
-pink highlighter on chubby skin
-gattaca (fantastic movie, but still can't stay awake)
-walks (when it's 90+ outside)
-baking with 'help' from a 4 year old and 1 year old
-being locked out of the house with 2 kids in 95 degree weather

are no match for me:
-pink highlighter on white pillow shams
-requests for a cookie pizza
-requests for a 'big white egg' for lunch (my first time boiling an egg, somehow)
-Ream's grocery store
-house door locks (seriously, 5 minutes, and i'm in)

Jul 14, 2007

today, i am a mother of two

so far—so slobbery

planet look at me, look at me

yesterday i was eating lunch at gateway with my friend megan and a really cute little blonde girl came over and shyly, with 4 taller comrades, asked if she could, um, take my picture, for this, um, class project. "sure," i replied. "what do i need to do?" "oh, just nothing." "maybe pretend like you're eating." and i did. and she took a picture. and she giggled. and her comrades giggled. and they all thanked me. then they started looking for a menu and a mannequin. i just can't stop wondering what criteria i filled to be the chosen subject. blonde hair? yellow dress? on a riskily long lunch break?

Jul 12, 2007


too early for a rice krispy treat?

Jul 10, 2007

thank you, NBC

i was starting to run out of things to have Amy tivo.


40 million people have been aborted in America since Roe v. Wade (1973). My mom and I were talking about it and I think it's safe to say the country (and world) would be a very different place had those 40 million people been allowed to live.

the night starts here

so, if you know me, you know i love Stars. A lot. Anyway, they have a new album coming out sept. 25 and surprise! you can buy it and download today! You can read the whole deal here. Scroll down just a tiny bit and you can download one song for free. so good. How did I know all this? A little birdie told me.

springfield, nevada

ten years ago, (i can't believe i'm old enough to say 'ten years ago' and then tell a story that i remember vividly because i was 12 years old, but i am) this new home developer created an exact replica of the Simpsons house! Seriously. Here's a virtual tour if you don't believe me. And my mom took me, my friend jill, my sister lizzie and maybe even my little brother out to see the Simpsons house before some lucky person won it. (what on earth would you do with a Simpsons house? (besides love it)) It was so so hot and the line was so so long and there were so so many gnats and the ground was so so mushy. I have no idea how the ground got mushy. Anyway, it was amazing to see first hand. And now I really wish I were in Henderson, NV again to go see the Kwik-E-Mart that is so close to my house! They have krusty-os and swishies! Man. Why does Henderson love the Simpsons so much? Why do I love the Simpsons so much? Why does my mom pretend not to love the Simpsons so much? oh yeah. and here's where you can make yourself into a simpsons character. and go see the simpsons movie. simpsons simpsons simpsons

Jul 9, 2007

one giant cockroach, two creepy identical spiders, a heatwave

welcome home

sometimes it's just lucky stars

so count them up and stop thinking about it.

Jul 3, 2007

Jul 2, 2007

when anna comes to town

-i finally have an excuse (not that i've needed one) to buy flowers
-we spend more on dessert than we do on our meal
-it's never boring
-i get to hear compliments like "you just set your house so nice"
-we make sure and double make sure that all the plants have lots to drink
-i'm not the fastest chocolate raspberry mousse eater
-i have someone to pick out my shoes and earrings for the day
-i love it

Jul 1, 2007


22 is the age to get over stuff. 21, eh, you can do whatever. but 22, get over it.

"Ladies of Liberty" Marathon

-according to ABC Family: Airing "Chasing Liberty" and "Legally Blonde" back-to-back

-according to Carrie Rognan: old ladies running a marathon, holding torches like the statue of liberty

I have definitely been enjoying the former, but man would I love to see the latter.

you only get one shot

There's only ONE week out of the year to sing patriotic songs at church. So, why? why? why? did we only sing ONE? And not at least SIX?? Why? I even wore a red, white and blue dress.

40th ward, 6th stake

-sunglasses are not headbands
-cell phones are not scriptures
-handmade festive sugar cookies in cute cellophane bags are always welcome
-has a strange number of familiar faces in it-shelby, tina, britany, those two byu library security guards, etc
-one o' clock isn't the coolest time to start church
-variety is a good thing