Jun 17, 2013

Ten Months

(Sorry it's late, Mom)
This month Gwen mostly did lots of improving upon last month's skills. She turns anything she can find into a walker and pushes it around the apt. She eats a lot. She can stand up without holding onto anything and does that all day long over and over. She takes 2 solid naps a day. She's got 2 slightly crooked bottom teeth. She will shake her head, clap, do her weird tongue thing, play peek-a-boo and do an indian oh-oh-oh-oh (palm to mouth) on command. Also, lots of screaming. Basically, she's great to have around if you're ever stuck at a boring party.


We had a great trip to Oregon. Regan had never met Oregon and our Oregonians had never met Gwen so it was high time. We started out right with some Little Big Burger and Salt & Straw ice cream. This is the best ice cream I have ever eaten in my life. Period. Ample Hills in Brooklyn is a close second but this one wins. It was Gwen's first ice cream. I think we've created a monster.

Then Regan, Gwen and I rented some bikes and rode up and down the river downtown. It rained then the sun came out then it rained then the sun came out then it rained then the sun came out. It was wonderful.

Gwen slept peacefully in her wagon once we took off that enormous helmet

We're in the reflection. We're so clever. 

Then Nate/Dez/Fam joined the party. We feasted outdoors for Matt's birthday. Let's hear it for backyards! 

This basically sums up Gwen and Avery's relationship. Gwen's all over her
and Avery's trying to be cordial about it.

Multnomah Falls

At the top

Sick of all this fresh air

Seaside babes

Cannot remember the last time she fell asleep on me

Cousins/carpet/cheerios/cartoons. Great way to start the morning.

Watching some baseball
International Rose Test Garden. This place was amazing.Pictures don't do the colors/smells justice. 

We also went to the Zoo (Gwen slept through it all) and the Children's Museum, went back to LBB and Salt & Straw, had a water party in the backyard, went to Sonic/Target/Noodles&Co/JoAnn/Winco just to torture ourselves, and generally enjoyed the wide open West. I guess we didn't stay long enough because it was quite a bummer coming home. Next time I'll make sure we really wear out our welcome.

Jun 10, 2013

Memorial Day: Storm King

We've been wanting to go to Storm King since we moved here so when a rental car serendipitously fell in our lap on a 3-day weekend, it was our perfect chance. This place is sorta magical. It was nice weather, there aren't a lot of people bossing you around, you get to drive up the gorgeous Hudson Valley to get there, and it's so big/open/green. We wanted to ride bikes but there was only one baby wagon for rent and we kept barely missing it. We also wanted to just lay in the sun on a blanket and take a nap for a few hours in the peaceful open space but we have a baby now. No bother, we walked/trammed around and it was just as pleasant. Definitely going back again.

p.s. Has there ever been a better name for a mountain than Storm King?

West Point from above

George Washington Bridge