Feb 25, 2009

are you'n kidding me?

I wanna take a year off and make every one of these
(No offense, struck)

i've sneezed fifty hundred million times this week

why is tylenol cold the only medicine that's figured out how to put a pleasantly minty layer over their pills?

Feb 22, 2009


I updated my printing site. So, if you're into that kinda thing, take a look.

knock knock. who's there? boo.

I don't feel good and I don't like being alone and I'm reary thirsty. I mean, last weekend my life was swarming with bunnies and adults I love and BOOF, they're gone. And then matt and liz came to town and we ate at robin's nest and at rumbi and watched online tv and then BOOF, they're gone. Why does all the good of being around people disappear THE SECOND they're gone? Why can't it last a couple weeks till I see someone else? Huh? If I know what's good for me, I'll just take a hot bath and get some rest, maybe gargle some salt water. Right, mom?

cute napkins and chocolate milk

what are: Things Cora Tried To Bribe Me With Today

{i've never been so tempted to drive 50 miles}

Feb 20, 2009

You know what's annoying? (besides Smith's not carrying Almay cosmetics)

post nasal drip. gross. but SO true.

if you are a boy, you should wear this. period.

it smells dangerously good. Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant, Fresh scent. Go. Get it.


Radio (and now DVD!) personality I have a major crunch on: IRA GLASS! I never knew he looked like this!
TV (I can't believe he didn't choose Jillian but she's too stylish for him anyway even though that one time I think she was wearing uggs) personality I DON'T have a major crunch on: Jason the Bachelor

Feb 15, 2009

pretend i posted this yesterday

{from here}
p.s. sawree to be a day late, but i was just too busy staying in hotels in fillmore, ut and hiking on river mountains and squishing chumpy babies and eating delicious steak and baking and cousin-ing and aunt kakie-ing and being in the sun!

Feb 13, 2009

Feb 12, 2009

it's thursday, let's be glad

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{both from here}

Feb 11, 2009

oh mine word!

look at all this stuff! so cutesies.

in other news

i KEEP leaving my zipper down. so that's awesome.

i think i'll just do this every day

{both from here}

{from here}

likewise, going to bed and going to sleep are just two very different things

Feb 10, 2009

hey, come on, it's valentine's week!

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{from here}

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{from here}

Feb 8, 2009

going to church for 3 hours every week is worth it just for the chance i might hear a violin being played

seriously. stringed instruments still amaze me. (heather-can you teach me? i'm not kidding. when you move here? please?) at that point, a sweetest old man named vernon talking sincerely about Hope and being Young is just a bonus.

And I don't wanna have TWO church-ish related posts so I'll just add here that I still don't believe that my little brother is flying from las vegas, usa to sao paulo, brazil all by himself in only 9 days. Don't talk to me about it or I'll cry. (Cuz I'm excited, John, I swear it.) I guess if it means I have one more person to add to my holiday mailing list, I'm okay with it. And I can't wait to see how he changes in those 2 years. My heart hurts the good kinda hurt just thinking about it.

Feb 7, 2009

WHY do i insist on doing this to myself???

i wanna be where these guys are

for a milli different reasons

Feb 4, 2009

i am your dish washer

One nice thing about having to hand wash everything is that my hands are warm for 5-10 minutes a day.

really be in this moment with your bawdee

So I went to a yoga class for mine first time ever last night. Turns out I eat up all that cheesy body+mind+spirit talk and the word 'sensation' makes me laugh every time. Even if I hear it 28 times in 1 hour. But they were right, my body loved it and thanks me for giving it this wonderful gift of oxygen and time and love and attention.

Feb 3, 2009

I believe in the sand beneath my toes, the beach gives a feeling, an earthy feeling

Sometimes I have a night like tonight that goes by at a pace I enjoy and is filled with laughing and delicious food and a hot tub on a threezing roof and some MTV and 2 people I like and then I come home and decide to make a blueberry cobbler because, well, I've got the blueberries,

and as I'm pulling this outta the oven at 1:30am or whatever, I think to myself, gee kate, you've got a pretty charmed life. Semi-charmed at least.
And then I write myself a note to not forget my new plant for my desk tomorrow morning

and I climb into bed with this li'l guy.

do you like apples?

There was this cross-stitch up in our kitchen when I was young. In Henderson for sure, and probably California, maybe it's even still there? Right above the light switches? Mom? I can't remember! Anyway, it has 4 squares, each with a different setting of apples. You know, an apple tree, or a basket of apples, or a sliced apple, it doesn't really matter, you get the point. It's the phrase stitched into the canvas that I remember: Live Within Your Harvest. I think the reason I remember this phrase so well is because it was a bit of a linguistical victory for me when I finally concluded that it was, in fact, Live and not Give Within Your Harvest (you know how tricky some of those stitchery fonts can be). At any rate, that phrase won't get outta my head. It's kinda to 2009 as 'never suppress a generous thought' was to 2008. And although I don't know that my interpretation of the phrase is anything it's ever been generally known as, I already feel like it's serving me well. I just really like the idea of l/giving within my harvest. And not just like, financially, or gardening wise, but like- using up all that I am/have in an efficient way that makes my life and other people's lives better. But not to the extent of self-detriment. Just learning the exact right amount of me to spend on things for maximum happiness for the entire world. Easy, right?

that thing with wings

I know it's wonderful but it's also kind of annoying how one shred of hope can outweigh buckets and buckets of logic sometimes