Apr 29, 2007

i can be anyone

so, i live in a new city. which means i'm free to change my identity. i've already talked to the one person that knows me in this city and she's agreed to go with whatever i decide. so far my options are:

Apr 27, 2007


are my favorite.

peonies put up an awful good fight.

Apr 24, 2007

up for grabs

there's tons of stuff up for grabs in my room right now. come and get it. please.

i guess i should clarify. none of this stuff is cool.

Apr 23, 2007

i forgot how to do anything cool on here

like change my background
or link to another place
or post a video

wait a second

i don't wanna move
i'm scared
i wish it were november 23
not april 23
i'm going to have no friends
why is carrie moving to tawain?
we don't have time for dinner tonight
what were we thinking?

Apr 18, 2007

course i can't, it's feist.

i can't get enough of this.

my tears do not compromise my strength**

i saw that phrase first on a kleenex 'let it out' commercial and then again on my sister's closet wall. and i love love love it. i can't find anywhere to view it online. but! i did find out that the blue couch will be touring in salt lake on May 12th. i'm going. i love crying in front of strangers.

oh yeah, and i found a place to live!

fifth avenue, here i come!

how did i not know this?

whoa whoa whoa! there is a 2-story Forever21 store opening at the Gateway TODAY. 10 minutes ago, actually. down by the Apple store. Yourheartout.com told me. i can't believe this is happening. i'm so going there for lunch.

Apr 17, 2007


whenever life gets too heavy for me, i just close my eyes and imagine myself back to Summer 2005 and suddenly everything gets a little lighter. life was just so simple for those 4 months.

Apr 13, 2007

It is April 13th and

-I can not stop listening to 'Lo, How A Rose E're Blooming' by Feist.
-I can't seem to muster up enough care to find a place to live on may 1.
-My stomach kills. me.
-I wonder what everyone else is doing.
-My mighty little mouse decided to stop scrolling. cool.
-I am not scared about it being Friday the 13th.
-I want to ride my bike!
-I can't wait to watch 'The Unsinkable Molly Brown'. tonight.
-I don't want to see my phone ever again.
-I will only live in Provo for 17 more days.
-I want to read a book. Not a magazine, a book.
-I don't care about XanGo.
-I have a bag of snickerdoodles on my desk.

Apr 11, 2007

yes, i named my blog after this movie

i knew it was coming

Apr 9, 2007

the facts are in and we're voting stan

A little while back, we (the residents of the basket) decided to eat at new places when we go out to eat. So far we’ve eaten at these new places:

-Stan’s Diner – ahh, stan’s. Good fries, good ice, good shakes, best grilled cheese in town (no offense, café west). But what really puts it over the edge is the ambience. I’ve yet to have a meal there where I didn’t end up singing aloud.
-Pete’s Lunch – obviously a place for regulars, wood paneling, red leather booths and $5.95 for a grilled cheese that doesn’t include fries. Best cheeseburger I’ve had in a coon’s age. And I’m in good company. Willie Nelson stopped by in 2003 to leave ‘Uncle Pete’ an inspiring quote on the wall.
-Bennihana – not the show I had expected, best fried rice in the world, mmmm. and the mangoladas are totally worth the $6
-Beehive Tea Room – snobbiest ever. but giant ‘You Can Do It Brucie’ type chocolate cake, real crème (and plenty of it) in their puffs and yummy lemon cranberry scones and fresh berries with cream and sugar. Oh yeah, and they serve tea.
-J Dawgs – I know, I’m the last person in town to eat here. And I’m kicking myself for waiting so long. Most obvious match ever: I love hot dogs. I love eating outside. I love special sauce.
-Thai kitchen – runny curry, great pad thai, weird service. but give em a break, they’re only 14 and running a restaurant
-Swagat – sorry, Raj. But the food just wasn’t really very good. And it took a few hours to finish our meal. And you made my friend take that gross rose milk yogurt ice thing. Overall, I’d describe the experience as: confusing.
-Great Steak Sandwich Co. - so good. so good. great fries, great steak and cheese sandwich. grilled cheese with the perfect crunch. they don't dust their blinds but they have cute tables and the banter between the lone teenage waitress and the lone teenage cook alone was enough to make the trip worthwhile.
-Settebello - napolian wood-fired pizza inside. cute green bricks outside. everything i've tried has been good but i can't get over the margherita. one size fits all which makes ordering easy. a little (like 2.5x) more $$ then little caesar's. pizza club approved.
-Boston Deli - underground deli with lots of options but nothing too scary. i had the meatball sandwich. toasty and tasty and messy and homemade meatballs and hearty sauce. even with this satisfying thing in my hands, i still envied every person at the table because there isn't a bad thing on the menu. plus, you can watch people's legs as they walk up and down the stairs.

Next on our list:
Keith’s Lunch
Lon’s Cookin’ Shack (I feel obligated, since I stare at/breathe in Lon’s every day)
Hot Dog King
Pudding on the Rice

Any other suggestions?


Apr 2, 2007


okay, magical beauty products, do your magic.

and also, i would marry any of these three boys and i wish i were this girl

i've been living with a shadow overhead

my new favorite song, hair color and movie