Mar 27, 2012


We passed the halfway mark!
We found out once and for all that baby's a girl!
Regan took us shopping to celebrate!
(It's much more fun shopping for tiny clothes for her than extra big clothes for me)

Mar 8, 2012

Tackling the tough issues

K: Who's gonna clean it up when our kids puke?
R: I don't know, we'll take turns I guess
(I'm just not satisfied with that simple conclusion)
K: If I'm pregnant, you are
R: If I'm at work, you are
K: If we're on a road trip, you are
R: If we're both sleeping, you are


I think Regan won this round.

Fresh Air

I'm not saying it's here to stay, but I will take a 67 degree day any time one wants to show up. Open windows and spending an hour at the park with the sun on my face boost my mood something fierce. It's so easy to feel excited about life when it's 67 degrees outside. And I even feel like hanging up all my clothes and doing the dishes. I mean, how many miracles can one day hold?!