Mar 8, 2012

Tackling the tough issues

K: Who's gonna clean it up when our kids puke?
R: I don't know, we'll take turns I guess
(I'm just not satisfied with that simple conclusion)
K: If I'm pregnant, you are
R: If I'm at work, you are
K: If we're on a road trip, you are
R: If we're both sleeping, you are


I think Regan won this round.


shayna said...

And if I'm babysitting, I guess I'll do it.

Bean said...

Your list sounds pretty accurate. You may want to get it in writing.

momacita said...

Let me clear this up, Katie, no matter what the circumstances, you are. Trust me on this.

momacita said...

Can't wait for "if one of the kids is out late, who's staying up to make sure he gets home on time?"