Sep 28, 2007

do they really need to be THIS hard?

at what age does a haircut do neither?

why do haircuts make young boys look older?
and old boys look younger?

just what i've been looking for

the perfect laptop case! but i can't figure out how to buy it. help me.

Sep 27, 2007


i don't know exactly how they do it, but somehow, Arcade Fire manages to actually pump endorphins through their soundwaves. It's something else. And so is that Regine.

{photo via Matt}

Sep 26, 2007

good idea #22(also jessica's): dying shirts

do: make dramatic hand motions/sing dramatic ballads while stirring dye (don't: let someone capture this moment with a camera)

do: stir many colors at once (don't: let them splash into each other's sinks)
do: wear white latex gloves to protect your skin (don't: dye shirts in a white tub)

do: choose dye colors you'd actually want to wear (don't: hang shirts to dry on your wooden furniture)

been wanting a globe, went to boise, bought a globe, forgot globe in matt's car, matt brought globe to struck, i love my globe

good music=good mood

so, thanks guys.
and-can't wait for tonight. and-i love the depot.

Sep 25, 2007

cancer free!!

best day we've had in at least a year. how am i supposed to work now? i can't think about anything else. now we just need a few more of these good days in the next few months.

Sep 24, 2007

best idea i've had in a while (and it was actually jessica's):

Selling clothes to pay for concert tickets. It's a dream. Goodbye piles of unworn clothing, hello new pornographers. Other things people sell to pay for concert tickets: plasma. I just can never do that. needles in my arm? taking my plasma? When i'm already borderline anemic? No thanks.

is this really happening right now? 45? brrr.

speaking of which

I hate the new Hotmail/windows live/whatever. Hate it. In fact, I think it's enough for me to finally finally switch all correspondence over to my gmail.

So Sorry

When will companies learn that sometimes things just aren't broke? And don't need fixing? (i want this original version of my favorite boardgame)

Sep 20, 2007


me, not you

Sep 18, 2007

utah state fair

good advice

i guess this note left on the door for me is what I get for locking myself (and sometimes the kids) out the last two times I babysat these nephews.

Sep 11, 2007

i really like my sister

I drove to Cedar City this weekend to see little Lizzie in her new place/celebrate her 20th birthday! Yes, Salt Lake-Cedar City is the bad part of the drive from Salt Lake-Henderson. It was a typical (anderson) girl weekend—We talked a lot, watched (and cried during) a chick flick, painted our nails, ate Ben & Jerry's and wore really cute shoes:

I was especially happy to see Liz in such good condition once we realized it'd been (almost) exactly one year since she looked like this:

Remember that? So sad. But now she has a cool scar? (still working on locating the silver lining of that scary scary night) Anyway, Happy (4 days late) Birthday, sister.

Sep 10, 2007

i'm cold.

i'm not ready for fall

Sep 7, 2007

i really like these colors

They look even better in real life. I think Dark Chocolate might be my new favorite M&M, sorry Peanut Butter.

Sep 6, 2007

the only times i like robin williams

a breathtaking reblica of an infant

This is the first (and only) thing I have ever printed on a letterpress. I made a lot of mistakes. like how the 'i' in tittered is from a different typeface and how I put a 'b' instead of a 'p' in replica (even though I proofed it like eight times) and how I was a bit off registration on the page. But, I did use the clam shell press, which is 'to be commended' and I had a 'good amount of ink and impression'. I should probably be discouraged but I'm just too excited.

what labor day means to me

cotton candy

loitering after consuming texas brisket

great views

wishing on the same bright star

going a little cross-eyed

bret and whit's wedding

PT cruising

Wasting quarters

onion days! no parents!

The Orbiter exceeds 2 Gs

swiss miss

Sep 4, 2007