Feb 27, 2011

my room is officially a victim of my wedding

But at least it'll have the company of ALL my house plants

Feb 25, 2011

Speaking of weekends

Sometimes I accidentally treat Thursday like a weekend. Which makes for a really fun Thursday and a really sorry kakie on a really long Friday.

The best kinda way to spend a weekend

Hanging out with these babies:

And of course the John Boy and of course my Regan and of course mom and dad and siblings and aunts and uncles and cousins and old friends. And of course delicious delicious food everywhere and walking over a cool new dam bridge and of course having a bridal shower and of course wearing summer pants and of course finding the most perfect groom suit and shoes and of course seeing Jill for a second and of course playing 100 games including new Brazilian ones (and seeing my dad laugh himself to tears a few times) and of course the rickety top bunk and of course our master wedding planning meeting (uh, 22 days you guys) and of course being so happy to be exactly where I was. I love it when that happens.

Feb 16, 2011


John Boy returns. Can not wait to see that little twerp.

um, i need to tell you something

I saw Never Say Never last night and legitimately 100% enjoyed it. And fine, I was inspired. I'm officially obsessed with Justin and with Jaden. Oops.

There aren't cuter possible faces!

Feb 14, 2011

Let's just make this tradition

I looked like this one year ago? I miss those babies.

Feb 13, 2011

It'd be souper to go to the dance with you

Some people just wouldn't see the romance in bailing on a fancy, planned Valentine's date to saw and drill and stain a ton of wood for some wedding centerpieces and then going to American Fork Zupa's covered in sawdust and people watching for 2 hours. (There was some type of high school preference dance going on or something. Poor tortured teenage souls! Lucky on-looking us!) Anyway, I think the point is that I'm lucky to have him.

Feb 11, 2011

You know what's entertaining?

The Cosby Show!
A close second: being engaged

Feb 4, 2011

This isn't a eulogy but kinda

We're losing really bad but let's focus on the positive-
Look at all the cool people on the internet that loved us enough to link our thing!:
SeeSaw (on twitter)
Say Yes to Hoboken
You Are My Fave
DesignMom (on twitter)

And probably other people and like a ton of people on facebook. So thanks for that! Plus it's not too late to vote (it goes till midnight) so head on over and make us feel less like losers!

Can't wait to talk about something else soon!