Jun 15, 2006

kakie kakie

i'm starting a business where i sell the things that i make. they are handmade things. made from new and not so new materials. they have a touch of retro and a bit of pizazz to them. i made business cards but now my sister says i need a slogan. these are some options so far. from kate, bec and the clintern:

a brazen take on the ordinary
a feisty take on the functional
turning functional to snazzy
extricate yourself
sophisticate yourself
delicate enough for you
pure synergy
marked syntax
hella elegant
working class fancy
without even trying
always love
never hate
marked synergy
handmade things
stitch of feist
it's totally nowtro

today. the day before tomorrow.

i was blow drying my hair this morning, in my usual kneeling position, the one that puts both my feet to sleep simultaneously, when i heard my roon corkie leaving the house. i opened my bedroom door to provide a view to the exterior door of our 1905 house. it opened. she left. it closed. i waited until i heard a car door. then an engine. then a gear shift. then tires. and then...i got up. it was hard at first...to wake both feet. but they did great. we (my feet and i) made it all the way to the back door, then my hands pitched in. they opened the door and started to waving. they waved hard. but corkie didn't look up. she had to stop, reverse, turn the wheel and put it in first again to make the turn out of the parking lot. but she never had to look up. so she didn't. i wasn't mad. but i would have liked it if she looked up. she was driving to her mom's house and then they were driving to seattle. she had a lot on her mind.

extri-kated at last

i have officially resigned from the cyber networking-flirting-commenting-spying-relentlessly consuming world of myspace.com. i know, i know. i was the best at it. and believe me, it's been a hard adjustment these last 5 days to keep all my wit and humor inside my head instead of scattering it on the profiles of my loved ones. but fret not...this talent shall not be hid under a bush(el?) any longer. i mean...duh. i'll blog it. introducing: some headlines/comments i would have left on myspace this week were i still a part of the not-so-secret society:

headlines: "i've always wanted to sew my finger"
"i wore your sweater last night"
"i'm not rich...that makes me mad"
"i'm getting married. no."
comments: (most likey for uhhhweb's page)
"sporty black cars in the front"
"he's just so....nevermind"
"i just heard. landizzy's getting married"
"never ever ever shake a kakie"

it's okay. i'm fine. i'll be fine. i can live without a constant electronic audience at my fingertips. seriously. i just need a bloggy blog and one roon that checks it. that's all i need.