Dec 30, 2008

so far

-Holden Caufield is just really annoying and I don't much understand the hype around Catcher in the Rye. But I'm still trying. But not that hard.

-I live in my new slippers

-I've eaten seven(teen?) pumpkin bars

-I'm just not sure how this quilt is gonna turn out

-The Curious Case of Blah Blah Blah... is my favorite movie of the season (is it too late to learn ballet?)

-I'm still really good at puzzles

-I'm still not very good at playing the piano

-I'm happy with all of my H&M purchases

-I'm just as cold in las vegas as i am in salt lake city

Dec 28, 2008

can't stop watching

unless it's to watch this

Dec 27, 2008

do your duty with a heart full of song

my duties at Christmas dinner were a wild success. of course it's not hard to make a table look good when you're starting with that table and my mom's wedding china.

Dec 25, 2008

merry christmas

This is me waiting patiently in my holiday attire at 10:08am for us to begin opening our presents. Mama has to finish the cranberry tart and lizzie's making mini fruit cups. I'm in charge of setting the table and baking the ham. It's kind of sad to me how easily I fell asleep last night and how at my leisure I woke up this morning and how I haven't thrown up once from anxiety at the possibility of something wonderful in Santa's sleigh. Still, Christmas is just pure magic, isn't it?

Dec 22, 2008

making a big deal out of things is always the right choice

that's my new motto

ring of fire

sometimes i accidentally have a necklace on while i blow dry my hair. ouch.

Dec 21, 2008

lately i feel like having really expensive taste

i kind of hope it lasts forever and i kind of hope i'm already done with it

Dec 20, 2008

Dear Utah,

If going to the Nutcracker at Captiol Theater on a most magical winter wonderland 'i'm in a snowglobe' kind of night only 6 days before Christmas isn't an occasion to get dressed up, WHAT IS? (seriously. jeans? come onnn.)

Good thing something like denim-clad neighbors can't keep us down. Nope. Not tonight.


the yummies

Dec 19, 2008

and yeah, I got it at Delia*s

I'm wearing this shirt for a few reasons today. 
1. I haven't done laundry in approx. 45 days
2. I like dinosaurs
3. I get a kick out of thinking how much babies would love it (if I were with babies right now)
4. It makes me really happy because I was wearing this shirt the night I met most of my very good friends. (slumbover '06 anyone? creeperica nail polish anyone? "let's slit their throats!!" anyone?)

Dec 16, 2008

what a winter!

I have short hair now. So scarves serve such a more vital role in my life. And I don't have to deal with this!

I still want a garage for Christmas. I always forget that it's going to take me approx. 10 more minutes to get from my house to work because I have to clean off my car.

I'm completely okay with having hot chocolate for breakfast M-F.

Smelling like a swimming pool while it's snowing snowing snowing outside kinda makes me feel like I win.

HOW does Beyonce move like that???

Dec 15, 2008

Parchment Paper is My New BFF OR This is Kind of a Fantasy of Mine

This is what my weekend looked like:

+ pushing daisies, target (should i have bought this coat?), dr. pepper (i'm suddenly completely dependent), and my bed (mmmmm)

And this is what it sounded like:

I don't want to talk about what it tastes like after all those hours of chilling and rolling and chilling and rolling. But, they're cute?

Dec 8, 2008

that week went way too fast

I miss this sweet bunny already. And I think I adopted this from my Grandpa Robert but I really love it when my house feels good and used. Full garbage cans, coat hooks and laundry hampers? Just means people were here. And doesn't bother me even one little bit. 

Dec 4, 2008

I can't believe today is today

That means THIS is TODAY (and tomorrow and the next day) and that it's THIS LADY's special day and that STRUCK is having a holiday partay (my outfit is so blair waldorf it's not even funny) and that this achy body and congested head need to GO AWAY. please.

Nov 25, 2008

at least the lady always calls me honey

You know what doesn't quite seem fair? At the post office, you take a ticket when entering the parking lot and the first 30 minutes are free. Which means I never really have to think about any of that at all. Unless! you end up having to wait in a line so long that it takes you longer than 30 minutes to buy postcard stamps. In which case, you also have to pay to park. Psh.

I rule Pt. 2: self-promotion is embarrassing

If you've been to my house lately you may have noticed my craft cranny is full to the brim of things that seem like someday they might take some kind of shape and maybe you've heard me mumble something or another about a bazaarcraftfairthingidon'tknowi'mjustdoingthisthing. (I'm just so good at marketing myself.) And, well, I think it's time to be an adult about this whole thing and present the facts. I'm participating in the Beehive Bazaar this Dec 4-6 in Provo, Utah. And I'm really excited and rather overwhelmed at the moment. I've never sold anything ever. So I don't know exactly how to go about doing it, but I think it'll be really fun to see how it goes. I would love it if you all came to check it out. Here are the facts (click it to make it bigger):
And while I'm at it, you can see some samples of things I've printed (and get a taste of some things I'll be selling) at this slightly outdated website for Leadbottom Press. I've sent many of you postcards about the Bazaar but if you would like one, send me your address! And I'll send you one RIGHT THAT MINUTE! It's totally worth it, I've been before and it's worth it just for the browsing. And the cupcakes. Oh man, the cupcakes.

I rule Pt. 1: and so do my friends

We had a Thanksgiving Feast on Sundee with our friends. It was great. Everyone brought such yummy things to share. And we had all types of pilgrims and all types of indians. I didn't bring the cord to my camera today and I'm still too lazy to scan in polaroids. So here you go:
our bomb invitations (i'm still ticked that provo didn't think they had enough postage. like provo knows how much postage a boat needs? no. i do.):
lissa and her scarlet letter:
there are lots of legs in this picture:
it came awesomely natural to some people:
Perhaps my favorite part of the night was everyone making these 'i'm thankful for' turkeys. This is an incomplete sampling:
we looked like this:

Nov 21, 2008

wyoming never gets old

and. you still have 2 hours to tell me happy birthday!

Nov 14, 2008

happy feet

There are lots of ways to show someone you care about that you care about them. Last night, a few of them were manifested in my behalf. And I'm not tryna discount any other gestures, BUT HOLY COW I LOVE THESE BOOTS!!! Since when do I get boots for my one-week-before-my-birthday birthday?? I'm pretty sure I made a scene but the whole thing is still kind of a blur. The color is perfection. And the insides are cute. And I'm wearing them right now. In case you were wondering. 

Nov 13, 2008

dooooo ba ba do ba

I decided last night that I would be willing, right now, to pay someone $3 every night to pick out what I should wear the next day. It would save me 15+ minutes in the morning which could be put to good use in the breakfast and/or showering areas. But they can't just come on Sunday night and pick out a whole week. I want it fresh each night. And I don't wanna be there when they do it. I just wanna walk into my room at night and see the outfit on my red chair and think 'yeah. okay.' every time. So. Does anyone wanna do that? 

Nov 12, 2008

with a great great here and a great great there

Look! My friend Lissa opened an etsy shop! She's great, it's great, everywhere's a great great.

Nov 10, 2008

Nov 7, 2008

start saving your reals!

My little brother John will be here for two years. As a missionary for the LDS church. Starting February 18, 2009. I think I might have to adopt one of these to keep me company while he's gone.

Nov 4, 2008

(it's november 4th)

This is the most I wanna say about that really. And I can't exactly understand anything these kids are saying beyond the chorus. But the dancing is kinda perfect and I love the one white kid.

i went to wyoming this weekend

Little Baby Bird Legs are one of my favorite things in the world (yes, every thing on that list involves babies). When they are still just all curled up for the first couple weeks and their aunt comes to visit and unwraps their warm fuzzy blanket and takes off their warm fuzzy socks and tickles their little bird legs until they have no choice but to show them? I mean, I just, it doesn't get better than that.

And yes I drove the entire way in my cat costume and had many very funny imaginary conversations in my head along the way with: police officers and gas station attendants and people rescuing me from flat tires and the hot fireman car-flirting with me, etc. So that was fun. 

Oct 31, 2008

speaking of witch

dead dogs and broomsticks. pumpkins and flames.

I look like this today:

We look like this today:

Oct 28, 2008

here he is!

Sorry, but, this is one of like 3 things on my mind since saturday. And no one wants to talk about xango or bleeding cuticles. (seriously. they won't stop bleeding. And I haven't done anything about it. and they just keep bleeding.) If you don't wanna squish that little face, you aren't human.

Oct 26, 2008

baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby

John David Harber was born last night/this morning I guess. That makes 5 bunnies for my sister and 13 bunnies for our family. Nothing makes me happier than brand new babies. I guess you probably already knew that. And I get so proud of my siblings/siblings-in-law when I see them being parents. The whole "being escorted by police to the hospital and having the baby 3 minutes later" thing is just an extra touch Sarah likes to put in sometimes. Ahhh. My body actually hurts, I want to see him so bad. If I knew how to get pictures from my phone to my computer, I'd show you. But just know that he's new and pink and squishy and looks like Will and is the sweetest.

Oct 20, 2008

Oct 15, 2008

Oct 14, 2008

it came! it came! it came!

I'd nearly forgotten about this treasure being on its way to my hands but when Megan turned the corner with that book-shaped package I immediately began giggling. And I haven't really stopped. I almost want to say I'd buy this for anyone that wants it because it makes me that happy. And I want you to be that happy.

K is my favorite. Now hang on hang on. It's not JUST because that's My Letter, it's also because the K arm and leg come out like little critter ears and it's just so freeeakin adorable.

Oct 9, 2008

new policy, purchase 3

These are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. And they're cuter (I think?) than this picture suggests. They're all over the internet and even all over real life. But you can find em here if you're the kinda person that likes going straight to the source.

empty nesters

My parents returned to Henderson, NV this week. Which means I am officially alone in this city. And they'll find themselves in an empty house in Henderson for the first time also. One that's been standing empty for the last 4-ish months, nonetheless. I'm having withdrawals. I hate being the only one here and knowing that the nearest family member is 3+ hours away. I realized today that that's the furthest I've been from family since I left home. I don't care if I'm being a baby about it. I'm only 23. I AM a baby. 

And speaking of my parents, sometimes people ask me what it's like having a mom with cancer and all that jazz. And the only way I can really describe it is that it's an entirely different universe to live in. One with a whole new set of rules and laws. A whole new set of cares and concerns. The norms of this universe are not the norms of any other universe I've been a part of. Which provides plenty of adjustment issues. Because you don't leave the previous universe. I still go to work/live every day and associate with people that have no idea about this new universe I'm living in. Sometimes it gets a little tricky keeping the universes straight and staying within the appropriate parameters of each. And the thing about this universe is that if you're not in it, you're not in it. There's no way to describe someone into it. Which makes it tricky for outsiders trying to deal with people inside it. I try to remember that. And I try to remember that other people are probably in all kinds of universes that I have no idea about. And hopefully my venn diagram of universe living will lean heavier and heavier toward the normal life circle as these days go by. But I don't think universes ever disappear from the diagram once they've been introduced. Cuz, how could they? Once you've been in a universe, you don't just forget it. I mean, it's a universe!

every time i buy gray jeans, they aren't really gray. it's getting old.

today's gray: purple

Oct 2, 2008

proving it

the most substantial evidence I could think of to quantify for you my business lately is this: 

—I've gone FIVE days without burt's bees chapstick (and resorted to using that ^ peppermint whatever stuff I found somewhere in my room and kinda turns my lips purple) because I have no time/energy to go to smith's to buy a replacement for the one I lost
—I haven't had a nighttime bowl of cereal in even longer because I'm too worn out by the time I get home to leave my room once I enter it
-also-STRAWS! i'm out of straws! and i haven't bought new ones. Luckily I have some permanent plastic straws that are all stripey and cute that I can always rely on. But they don't bend. And you have to wash them.

Now, having said that, I have a few minutes of quiet here today (our email's down so i'm sure there's an inevitable flood on the horizon but there's nothing I can do about it!), with which I'd like to share a few things: 
The salt lake farmer's market was ON POINT with its fresh flowers last Saturday. They were perfect for the bridal shower we had for the one and only V
(Where she got the same present twice, twice)

And they're still perfect, 5 days later, bringing happiness to me at my desk:

(cool ducking. i know.)

Sep 30, 2008

i'm fine with this

(and now i'm sorry that all I have time to do is copy and paste embed codes for you)

Sep 29, 2008

see ya later, suckers

(sorry, this is the only embeddable video of it i could find. this one's better. so just click it.)

Sep 26, 2008

tv on the internet

the office: thank you, jim. we really needed that.

project runway: kenley is SUCH a brat. i wanted her out out out. but she did look bangarang in her pop dress. i love leanne. and jerrell. and korto. next week looks sooo good.

gossip girl: soooo-it's basically season 1, episode 1 all over again? and are they allowed to be that sleezy on tv?

90210: i don't know if i'm gonna be able to hang on to this one. those girls are just way too skinny. and i can't stand watching shannon doherty or however you spell her last name. then again, i still watch....

the hills: WHY can't brody and lauren just be in love already? he's my favorite.

america's next top model: i still don't get how they let a dude be on there.

and, don't judge me too hard. my parents AND megan are outta town for the weekend. and i need something to do while i bind books and bake bread and design wedding invitations.

new policy, purchase 2

they're better in real life.

Sep 25, 2008

ohhh.... 2008

Last night in the grocery store, when I couldn't find lemon juice ANYWHERE, my first thought was honestly—
'I should text google'. 

new goal, day 1

i'm trying to wear things in my hair more often. or 'do things' with it. it was one of my motivations for cutting it and i've been neglecting it. anyway, i got this cute little felt birdie at frosty darling yesterday and here it is in my hair.

Sep 24, 2008

maybe it's the cowlick

But is it weird to anyone else that I was 13 years old just last year? And-remember when I had long hair?

Sep 22, 2008

katriarchal evening

I spent an extended (and yes, unholy) amount of time cleaning house sunday night and it brought up some questions:

—what's the most effective way to clean wood paneling/exposed natural brick walls?
—why do hangers without the shoulder hook things even exist?
—will there ever be a mop that compares to just getting down on your hands and knees?
—why does it feel soo good to scrub down walls/doors/baseboards?
—the sooner i cut my losses on some things (like that lamp and lampshade that simply don't fit together), the less the loss is. because that's that much less space it's taking up for that much less time. right? Even if it seems a bit wasteful?
—can you wash giant rugs in a washing machine? like, at a laundromat? anyone?
—what color should we paint those square mirrors in our entry? or should we put something else up there?

while i'm at it. I bought mrs. meyers geranium dish soap. and it's as delicious as everyone said. 

Sep 18, 2008

why i do the things i do

Sometimes I get a little bit of credit for being a good aunt, i.e. having treasures for the babies every time I see them and just general spoilage of the little bunnies. And sometimes I try to pretend that I do it all for them and because I have such a huge heart that it just spills over into these mini-sized homemade goods. But just between you and me, I might maybe get a little something out of it for myself. Like smiles and squeals of babies wearing their most recent treasure! (see above photos of meg eliza and her tutu) Who wouldn't stay up till 1am making tutus for a teenie glimpse of that chunk? (don't worry, in our family 'chunk' is a term of endearment)

oops! all crack!

I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure the guy next to me in the dollar theater last night was doing some type of drug while eating his cereal and milk out of his popcorn container. I'm not kidding. And suddenly I don't feel bad at all about bringing full-sized bags of sunchips into movies.

and today will be spent doing everything in my power to distract my mind from the dress i didn't win. i'm not very good at ebay.

Sep 17, 2008

i'd show you a picture but i'm afraid someone would steal it

my brother's moving today and that makes me sad so i'm bidding on a wedding dress on ebay that i want to make me feel better and i don't care if that's crazy because the dress is seriously perfection

Sep 10, 2008

i want a yellow nano. at least in my head i do. and maybe in real life. that says 'leadbottom' on the back. shake to shuffle! thanks. love you. bye.

Dear Residence Inn,

I will miss you dearly.


p.s. don't be afraid to say hello if you see me at breakfast?

UPDATE: my parents checked back in. phew. i almost had to grocery shop.

bout time

I finally did 2 things I've been meaning to do for a long time. And to optimize my productive/successful feeling for doing pretty much nothing, I'm going to show you. 
First is the doormat:
Um. That's all. I've been wanting a new doormat and I bought one.

Next is these li'l ladies. You can't really tell how big they are but they're perfect. I keep imagining what dresses are being made on these forms and I want to wear them all. 
Anyway, I think they look great with what we have going on in the rest of the craft cranny. Right?
I know, the place looks awful. I'm posting it as inspiration to dwindle that project pile and get the cranny shaped up. 

i started. and now i can't stop!

Some trip recaps told in polaroids. I mean to scan them but who knows when that'll happen so I just took pictures of the pictures. I love how the net of the trampoline looks like a fake backdrop that's kinda wrinkled up. (Most of these were taken by the babies themselves. It's funny how magical physical pictures seem these days.)

Please excuse the crookedness and the glaredness and the poor qualityness. I can't get over the two throwing ones. Maybe you had to be there in person?