Nov 25, 2008

I rule Pt. 1: and so do my friends

We had a Thanksgiving Feast on Sundee with our friends. It was great. Everyone brought such yummy things to share. And we had all types of pilgrims and all types of indians. I didn't bring the cord to my camera today and I'm still too lazy to scan in polaroids. So here you go:
our bomb invitations (i'm still ticked that provo didn't think they had enough postage. like provo knows how much postage a boat needs? no. i do.):
lissa and her scarlet letter:
there are lots of legs in this picture:
it came awesomely natural to some people:
Perhaps my favorite part of the night was everyone making these 'i'm thankful for' turkeys. This is an incomplete sampling:
we looked like this:


bec said...

i love love love that you dressed up as pilgrims and indians.

Jess and Abe said...

oh this looked like it was so fun! i think the original pilgrims and Indians would of been jealous. i'm really considering making a life-size card board cut out of me and sending it to you. i hope you had a happy birthday!