Jan 29, 2009

happy videos

These all make me very happy. Really, it's worth watching the mall!

Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie

Coldplay - Life In Technicolor ii (HD)

Little Joy - Next Time Around

Lykke Li & Bon Iver doing 'Dance Dance Dance' in L.A

Jan 25, 2009

{loud=love in text language}


(I was going to ask if it were weird that I want to buy myself this ring now so that someone can give it to me when they propose someday. But then I re-read that question and just decided to leave it at 'I LOUD this ring'. Cool? Cool.)
I've decided that there is no set of circumstances that could void death of all its sadness. Not that I thought there was, I just hadn't decided before that there wasn't. And now I have.

Jan 23, 2009

It's been a Reese's Puffs for dinner kinda week.

I think how I eat is a pretty transparent view of how things are going.

I don't feel bad about buying myself flowers because maybe I'm the only one that knows when I want/need them, yaddidimean? (plus they were buy 2 bunches, get 1 free)

This is what happens when you leave an aloe vera plant outside till it freezes then bring it inside.

My amaryllis is in full bloom. I'd take a picture of it and show you but I got a new seat (and job) at Struck and all these people can see what I do now so I'n too nervous. But everyone loves it.

I just love my family and I don't like it when sad things happen to them.

has anyone seen this necklace?

I really miss it.

Jan 13, 2009

heaven, wyoming. seriously though.

award for ugliest styling/weirdest positioning of mannequins: Forever21

see what I mean?

love story

Sometimes I watch this video for an hour straight on a sunday morning. I never would have made it past 40 minutes if I hadn't seen the comments! I always forget about the comments! They're the best part! Here are my favorite ones:

p.s. does anyone know how to spell anything?

Jan 11, 2009

small victories and a new BFF

7 hours at the gateway and only $20 spent. Fine, $25. But that includes lunch and a matinee. I don't wanna talk about whether I got teary-eyed or not during that matinee. Let's just talk about the cutest bunny in the world that I bought at Anthro. (Heyyyy. I had a giftcard so that money doesn't count! {thank you mom and dad for the giftcard. I hope you don't feel like it was a waste for some of it to be used on a stuffed animal. I assure you the love this bunny and I will share is well worth the $22.})

Jan 9, 2009

paperwhites smell funny

but gosh are they cute

resolution #1

Figger out how she does this: (and maybe try my own version? is that too audacious of me?)

Jan 8, 2009

I can't sleep.

So I'm laying here thinking about stuff. Like. When I watch tv online, if the commercials between segments are previews for scary movies, I reload it until I get a new one. And if I never get a new one, I just don't watch the show. And by scary I mean like, in the genre. I don't care if it's Prom Night, I can't watch it. That's how much I can't handle scary movies. I do not understand why they exist. Keanu Reeves is such a joke of an actor. Why does soda taste so different from the fountain than from the can or bottle? I can't believe I didn't see that ambulance tonight and/or stop for him. I hate it when people do that. It wasn't that cold today. I forgot to try my new eye makeup remover tonight. I've never had that before. For some reason, adding steps to my nighttime routine makes me feel more grown-up. Yet I'll do almost anything to avoid following that proper routine and putting one day away neatly before I start the next one. I wonder if I'll ever be asked to play the piano at church in my life. Like someone will somehow find out I kind of semi used to play the piano and then I'll get good again. I'd be nervous but glad to get back in practice. I think every house should have a piano and a sewing machine. And a kitchenaid. I don't understand how you wouldn't have any one of those things. I wonder when it's too soon for me to buy myself a piano. It's the only thing I'm missing in life. I think I'll wear flat shoes tomorrow. 3 days in a row of heels is a bit much for a girl like me. My feet need to know they've always got flats when they need them. But I swear my arches are getting higher due to their exercise. So that's feminine and nice. Maybe I should get a new dresser. Mine was such a great find but I just have no re-arranging options as long as I have it. Maybe I can do other things and satisfy my itch to switch. Clever, right? This is kind of a waste, should I even publish it? Who reads giant paragraphs anymore? Does anyone want any of my clothes or shoes? I'm in the mood to purge so just come get em. I'm pretty serious about that. My eyes just blinked pretty slowly so I think I may be able to sleep now. Please bless. C-ya!

Jan 3, 2009

oh, hey 2009

i'll be ready in just a few...just give me a few...just take a seat here and i'll just be...um...yeah, read a magazine or something...just give me a few....and i'll...um...i just need a few more....great, okay...yeah, um, i should be ready by then