Apr 27, 2011


I blame my indecision about weekend trips on the idea that last minute road trips are always more exciting than planned out ones. Right? Right. Coming home frantically at lunch to pack and all that? It's just more fun. Anyway, we went to Boise this weekend to hang out with Bec/Adam/Maddy and we didn't take a single picture. But we did learn a few things:
-We need a dog and a yard and a hammock
-Reese's eggs come in 5lb size
-Many of the babies already prefer Regan to me (what gives?? I think his name's just fun to say)
-Rain Berry gatorade smells just like those awesome anthropologie volcano candles
-Swedish pancakes can be improved upon (sorry dad)
-Tri-tip can't (for me at least, sorry bec)
-Everything's more fun with Maddy around
-Carting laundry 5 hours is way better than paying $14 to do it
-Regan's High School marching band uniform included a cape (you read all of that right)
-Pizza's still the best thing to eat way too much of
-I'm not a good decorating consultant after all
-We kinda felt like we were home when we got home, so that was nice

Putting my money where my pins are

Hi guys, I'm pretty obsessed with pinterest (basically tumblr but only for girls with really similar style/interests/etc and more organized). Which doesn't really matter to anyone else. But I'm gonna try really hard to actually make the things I have in there and use it for what it's worth and then I'll let you know if stuff is awesome. Example 1- this bread:

These aren't my pictures because these were already so pretty. But it really does turn out this nice. I recommend making it, even though it was kinda a pain. I don't, however, recommend splitting the entire loaf with only one other person. Oops.

Apr 20, 2011

A Month

So far we've moved into our first apartment together together.
We've watched our first movie on our first joint netflix account (Breaking Away). And we'd probably be watching our 2nd (Catfish) but neither of us want to give up our laptops for the cause.
We've had our first giant water leak in our first apartment together.
We've had our first game of catch as a married couple.
We've had our first million quesadillas as a married couple.
We've done our first laundry at our laundry room together.
We've almost made our first new married friends from the ward together. (almost.)

(Basically life is kinda just the same but way different and way better.)

Apr 15, 2011


Some mistakes are just too fun to stop making

Apr 7, 2011

in between

Apparently I only know how to fall asleep at 9pm or 3am.
It's now somewhere between those so this is our lives:

being silently obsessed with Pinterest with some sporadic outbursts of "everyone on the internet already has my style!" and "will you make me this?"

practicing Fruit Ninja because Regan kills me every time

debating if it's too late to go bake some bread (we're out but I keep swearing we never have to buy bread again cuz I'm going to make so much of it.)

Thinking about how nice people are

Staring at Bunny fish and wishing I had her energy and enthusiasm for life

Wondering why on earth the newest Amazing Race episode isn't online yet

Working hard on his portfolio book (never-ending)

Laughing at my jokes

Singing top40 stuff out loud on accident

Pounding Gatorades

So is it better to write these posts or nothing at all? I'm on the fence.

Apr 1, 2011


Now we spend all day at work wishing we were at home

flipping through my new cookbooks
organizing things
feeding bunny
writing thank you notes
making a budget
naming imaginary children (we can't help it)
playing sorry
talking about our wedding
baking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
talking or not talking for hours
watching a movie
sitting on the couch
cleaning everything


And there are about 1 million more where those came from.
Best day of my life.