Apr 27, 2011


I blame my indecision about weekend trips on the idea that last minute road trips are always more exciting than planned out ones. Right? Right. Coming home frantically at lunch to pack and all that? It's just more fun. Anyway, we went to Boise this weekend to hang out with Bec/Adam/Maddy and we didn't take a single picture. But we did learn a few things:
-We need a dog and a yard and a hammock
-Reese's eggs come in 5lb size
-Many of the babies already prefer Regan to me (what gives?? I think his name's just fun to say)
-Rain Berry gatorade smells just like those awesome anthropologie volcano candles
-Swedish pancakes can be improved upon (sorry dad)
-Tri-tip can't (for me at least, sorry bec)
-Everything's more fun with Maddy around
-Carting laundry 5 hours is way better than paying $14 to do it
-Regan's High School marching band uniform included a cape (you read all of that right)
-Pizza's still the best thing to eat way too much of
-I'm not a good decorating consultant after all
-We kinda felt like we were home when we got home, so that was nice


m.e.w said...

i drink rain berry gatorade everyday.

angela hardison said...

i need a hammock too. and summer weather that's not 100+ degrees.

happy you're enjoying being married! it's the best.

olivia said...

i'd like to see the photos of this cape you mention.