Apr 27, 2011

Putting my money where my pins are

Hi guys, I'm pretty obsessed with pinterest (basically tumblr but only for girls with really similar style/interests/etc and more organized). Which doesn't really matter to anyone else. But I'm gonna try really hard to actually make the things I have in there and use it for what it's worth and then I'll let you know if stuff is awesome. Example 1- this bread:

These aren't my pictures because these were already so pretty. But it really does turn out this nice. I recommend making it, even though it was kinda a pain. I don't, however, recommend splitting the entire loaf with only one other person. Oops.


hanner said...

one day if we're all righteous we'll all make the things we've pinned.

momacita said...

OOH, that looks so good. Like cinnamon stack biscuits only with yeast bread. Yum! Next time you're down, will you make it, please?