Apr 1, 2011


Now we spend all day at work wishing we were at home

flipping through my new cookbooks
organizing things
feeding bunny
writing thank you notes
making a budget
naming imaginary children (we can't help it)
playing sorry
talking about our wedding
baking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
talking or not talking for hours
watching a movie
sitting on the couch
cleaning everything


hanner said...

i still spend all day at work wishing i were at home for most if not all of those reasons. so excited for you guys.

m.e.w said...

marriage. love!

Allison said...

isn't being married fun! it's the best! so happy for you and regan!!!!

shayna said...

Oh I love this. This is what I want to sit and talk about with you for hours...but if we did that, you'd probably wish you were at home with Regan.

momacita said...

oh, katie! i love you. about this time last year i met regan for the first time. a lot can happen in a year!