Apr 24, 2012

Old news bears

Speaking of good friends, I was just going through unpublished posts and found this. What a good night.

Regan's 25th-September 2010
Tons of pictures:

Colin getting really serious about Lego Pictionary. I can't believe how well this worked.

Most precious picture

Sometimes I think the only difference between me and fancy event planner bloggers is a really nice camera. Pretty pretentious, I know.

Is it too soon to say "look how young and cute we were!" ?
(How on Earth do I punctuate that sentence?)

Springtime Visitors

Last weekend we had Margaret and Carrie in town. Mostly they came to see Newsies, but I'm gonna pretend that's not true and that they came for all of this:
Waiting forever for Shake Shack
Regan getting fresh with me in line
Afternoon in Central Park-an inspired idea
Maternity shots
Rowboat + wind
Brooklyn Botanical Garden
Best Buds at the Garden. 
Mom- I just kept wishing you were there to enjoy all the bright blooms
and tell me what they are, you would have loved it!
YUM donuts at the Brooklyn Flea Market. We go for the food.
Dr. Bruggeman at Brooklyn Farmacy
Carrie + cute tile floor
Our street filling itself out in green

Not pictured: fruit soup, walking, waffles from the waffle truck (almost as good as Bruges),
Patsy's pizza, mexican corn, Staten Island Ferry, Junior's, Prospect Park, Bareburger indoor
picnic while it rains, Margaret missing her flight

Thanks to our guests for all the picture taking. I really don't know when I'm gonna remember to
document my life. And I don't think I need to explain how nice it is to have old friends in town. I
love being around people who know me well and make my life so fun and easy and say things like
"well, what can we go do that is the closest thing to nothing?" and "nah, I feel like eating something
with a little less substance."

Apr 12, 2012

See what I mean

Easter Sunday. This outfit doesn't show baby in her true glory but you get the idea.
 And this is just a joke I can't stop making:

Apr 11, 2012


Vacation: We went to Maryland for Spring Break (theirs)/Easter last week. Man it feels good to be in a house and a car and a full-size grocery store and go to JoAnn's and Cafe Rio and walk on clean sidewalks, etc. Colette and Regan were both relieved to find that they still have their special bond. We saw some sights downtown and did lots of hanging out with the kids. Also, Christina and I read Heaven Is Here and both really liked it. It was well written and made me cry and love my family even more. She talks about having dressing changes on her wounds and a few things that were familiar to me because of my mom (but not nearly to her extent) and those parts really got me. I probably should have just stayed in Maryland a couple more weeks. But it did feel good to come home and if I stayed, I would have missed our neighbor's cherry tree blossoming.

Baby: 23 weeks now, major growth spurt last week, moves a lot (I gasp every time because I can't believe there is a moving, living child inside of me), she can hear now apparently which I'm glad for because I sometimes get tired of talking to myself throughout the day. I need to make her a quilt.

Me: Sometimes I get to feeling worthless and lazy around here and then I realize that if I stand up and do something, it really helps. Imagine that. I got my hair done at the Aveda School, it went okay. I keep acting like I'm gonna start walking around the park every day but I never do, maybe tomorrow.

Visitors: Carrie/Margaret in 9 days! Sisters (all 4!) in 38 days!