Apr 24, 2012

Springtime Visitors

Last weekend we had Margaret and Carrie in town. Mostly they came to see Newsies, but I'm gonna pretend that's not true and that they came for all of this:
Waiting forever for Shake Shack
Regan getting fresh with me in line
Afternoon in Central Park-an inspired idea
Maternity shots
Rowboat + wind
Brooklyn Botanical Garden
Best Buds at the Garden. 
Mom- I just kept wishing you were there to enjoy all the bright blooms
and tell me what they are, you would have loved it!
YUM donuts at the Brooklyn Flea Market. We go for the food.
Dr. Bruggeman at Brooklyn Farmacy
Carrie + cute tile floor
Our street filling itself out in green

Not pictured: fruit soup, walking, waffles from the waffle truck (almost as good as Bruges),
Patsy's pizza, mexican corn, Staten Island Ferry, Junior's, Prospect Park, Bareburger indoor
picnic while it rains, Margaret missing her flight

Thanks to our guests for all the picture taking. I really don't know when I'm gonna remember to
document my life. And I don't think I need to explain how nice it is to have old friends in town. I
love being around people who know me well and make my life so fun and easy and say things like
"well, what can we go do that is the closest thing to nothing?" and "nah, I feel like eating something
with a little less substance."


hanner said...

you are a babe in that maxi dress. i don't use that word lightly. and also, we're going to NYC this weekend? pretty sure? also, i just left 3 comments on your blog in 3 minutes?

Siouxzy said...

I'm not in any of these pictures doing any of these fun things with you, so booo. Also, you are a babe in that dress.

shayna said...

Fruit soup? And remember you and me at Bruges? I like you pregnant, you look beautiful.

shayna said...

I guess I meant more of a "Fruit soup!!?!" I just love that Anderson tradition.

Jane said...

cute visitors. and you look bangin in that maxi dress.

megan said...

you're pregnant??? but seriously, you look good pregnant.

lissa said...

You've inspired me to wear a maxi dress! I never thought I'd look good in one, but since you look so amazing in that little black and white number (and we have a similar body type - we measured once) I think I shall do it! You win Best Bump Award 2012. Congrats! Also, I'm jealous that I couldn't be there with you guys.

Veronica said...

Enough is enough, where is the dress from? I just got those moccasins in green. Glad you people got together.