Nov 25, 2008

at least the lady always calls me honey

You know what doesn't quite seem fair? At the post office, you take a ticket when entering the parking lot and the first 30 minutes are free. Which means I never really have to think about any of that at all. Unless! you end up having to wait in a line so long that it takes you longer than 30 minutes to buy postcard stamps. In which case, you also have to pay to park. Psh.

I rule Pt. 2: self-promotion is embarrassing

If you've been to my house lately you may have noticed my craft cranny is full to the brim of things that seem like someday they might take some kind of shape and maybe you've heard me mumble something or another about a bazaarcraftfairthingidon'tknowi'mjustdoingthisthing. (I'm just so good at marketing myself.) And, well, I think it's time to be an adult about this whole thing and present the facts. I'm participating in the Beehive Bazaar this Dec 4-6 in Provo, Utah. And I'm really excited and rather overwhelmed at the moment. I've never sold anything ever. So I don't know exactly how to go about doing it, but I think it'll be really fun to see how it goes. I would love it if you all came to check it out. Here are the facts (click it to make it bigger):
And while I'm at it, you can see some samples of things I've printed (and get a taste of some things I'll be selling) at this slightly outdated website for Leadbottom Press. I've sent many of you postcards about the Bazaar but if you would like one, send me your address! And I'll send you one RIGHT THAT MINUTE! It's totally worth it, I've been before and it's worth it just for the browsing. And the cupcakes. Oh man, the cupcakes.

I rule Pt. 1: and so do my friends

We had a Thanksgiving Feast on Sundee with our friends. It was great. Everyone brought such yummy things to share. And we had all types of pilgrims and all types of indians. I didn't bring the cord to my camera today and I'm still too lazy to scan in polaroids. So here you go:
our bomb invitations (i'm still ticked that provo didn't think they had enough postage. like provo knows how much postage a boat needs? no. i do.):
lissa and her scarlet letter:
there are lots of legs in this picture:
it came awesomely natural to some people:
Perhaps my favorite part of the night was everyone making these 'i'm thankful for' turkeys. This is an incomplete sampling:
we looked like this:

Nov 21, 2008

wyoming never gets old

and. you still have 2 hours to tell me happy birthday!

Nov 14, 2008

happy feet

There are lots of ways to show someone you care about that you care about them. Last night, a few of them were manifested in my behalf. And I'm not tryna discount any other gestures, BUT HOLY COW I LOVE THESE BOOTS!!! Since when do I get boots for my one-week-before-my-birthday birthday?? I'm pretty sure I made a scene but the whole thing is still kind of a blur. The color is perfection. And the insides are cute. And I'm wearing them right now. In case you were wondering. 

Nov 13, 2008

dooooo ba ba do ba

I decided last night that I would be willing, right now, to pay someone $3 every night to pick out what I should wear the next day. It would save me 15+ minutes in the morning which could be put to good use in the breakfast and/or showering areas. But they can't just come on Sunday night and pick out a whole week. I want it fresh each night. And I don't wanna be there when they do it. I just wanna walk into my room at night and see the outfit on my red chair and think 'yeah. okay.' every time. So. Does anyone wanna do that? 

Nov 12, 2008

with a great great here and a great great there

Look! My friend Lissa opened an etsy shop! She's great, it's great, everywhere's a great great.

Nov 10, 2008

Nov 7, 2008

start saving your reals!

My little brother John will be here for two years. As a missionary for the LDS church. Starting February 18, 2009. I think I might have to adopt one of these to keep me company while he's gone.

Nov 4, 2008

(it's november 4th)

This is the most I wanna say about that really. And I can't exactly understand anything these kids are saying beyond the chorus. But the dancing is kinda perfect and I love the one white kid.

i went to wyoming this weekend

Little Baby Bird Legs are one of my favorite things in the world (yes, every thing on that list involves babies). When they are still just all curled up for the first couple weeks and their aunt comes to visit and unwraps their warm fuzzy blanket and takes off their warm fuzzy socks and tickles their little bird legs until they have no choice but to show them? I mean, I just, it doesn't get better than that.

And yes I drove the entire way in my cat costume and had many very funny imaginary conversations in my head along the way with: police officers and gas station attendants and people rescuing me from flat tires and the hot fireman car-flirting with me, etc. So that was fun.