Dec 30, 2008

so far

-Holden Caufield is just really annoying and I don't much understand the hype around Catcher in the Rye. But I'm still trying. But not that hard.

-I live in my new slippers

-I've eaten seven(teen?) pumpkin bars

-I'm just not sure how this quilt is gonna turn out

-The Curious Case of Blah Blah Blah... is my favorite movie of the season (is it too late to learn ballet?)

-I'm still really good at puzzles

-I'm still not very good at playing the piano

-I'm happy with all of my H&M purchases

-I'm just as cold in las vegas as i am in salt lake city

Dec 28, 2008

can't stop watching

unless it's to watch this

Dec 27, 2008

do your duty with a heart full of song

my duties at Christmas dinner were a wild success. of course it's not hard to make a table look good when you're starting with that table and my mom's wedding china.

Dec 25, 2008

merry christmas

This is me waiting patiently in my holiday attire at 10:08am for us to begin opening our presents. Mama has to finish the cranberry tart and lizzie's making mini fruit cups. I'm in charge of setting the table and baking the ham. It's kind of sad to me how easily I fell asleep last night and how at my leisure I woke up this morning and how I haven't thrown up once from anxiety at the possibility of something wonderful in Santa's sleigh. Still, Christmas is just pure magic, isn't it?

Dec 22, 2008

making a big deal out of things is always the right choice

that's my new motto

ring of fire

sometimes i accidentally have a necklace on while i blow dry my hair. ouch.

Dec 21, 2008

lately i feel like having really expensive taste

i kind of hope it lasts forever and i kind of hope i'm already done with it

Dec 20, 2008

Dear Utah,

If going to the Nutcracker at Captiol Theater on a most magical winter wonderland 'i'm in a snowglobe' kind of night only 6 days before Christmas isn't an occasion to get dressed up, WHAT IS? (seriously. jeans? come onnn.)

Good thing something like denim-clad neighbors can't keep us down. Nope. Not tonight.


the yummies

Dec 19, 2008

and yeah, I got it at Delia*s

I'm wearing this shirt for a few reasons today. 
1. I haven't done laundry in approx. 45 days
2. I like dinosaurs
3. I get a kick out of thinking how much babies would love it (if I were with babies right now)
4. It makes me really happy because I was wearing this shirt the night I met most of my very good friends. (slumbover '06 anyone? creeperica nail polish anyone? "let's slit their throats!!" anyone?)

Dec 16, 2008

what a winter!

I have short hair now. So scarves serve such a more vital role in my life. And I don't have to deal with this!

I still want a garage for Christmas. I always forget that it's going to take me approx. 10 more minutes to get from my house to work because I have to clean off my car.

I'm completely okay with having hot chocolate for breakfast M-F.

Smelling like a swimming pool while it's snowing snowing snowing outside kinda makes me feel like I win.

HOW does Beyonce move like that???

Dec 15, 2008

Parchment Paper is My New BFF OR This is Kind of a Fantasy of Mine

This is what my weekend looked like:

+ pushing daisies, target (should i have bought this coat?), dr. pepper (i'm suddenly completely dependent), and my bed (mmmmm)

And this is what it sounded like:

I don't want to talk about what it tastes like after all those hours of chilling and rolling and chilling and rolling. But, they're cute?

Dec 8, 2008

that week went way too fast

I miss this sweet bunny already. And I think I adopted this from my Grandpa Robert but I really love it when my house feels good and used. Full garbage cans, coat hooks and laundry hampers? Just means people were here. And doesn't bother me even one little bit. 

Dec 4, 2008

I can't believe today is today

That means THIS is TODAY (and tomorrow and the next day) and that it's THIS LADY's special day and that STRUCK is having a holiday partay (my outfit is so blair waldorf it's not even funny) and that this achy body and congested head need to GO AWAY. please.