May 16, 2013

Nine Months

New: clapping, shaking head, standing alone (on a really lucky day, she does those 3 simultaneously), pushing doors open/closed, playing peek-a-boo in the curtains, reaching things off the desk, feeding herself (the focus! the little pincher fingers!)

May 15, 2013

Jane's Carousel

For some reason we decided to make a big deal of taking Gwen to Jane's carousel for the first time. Classic new parents. So we took a windy walk from pier 6 to pier 1, got on the carousel, tried to get a picture of Gwen looking like she enjoyed it when she really didn't, then sat on the grass to enjoy the view and eat some snacks. I think I'd do this every Saturday.

Uncle Matt

Matt was in town for a quick 24-hour work trip. Lucky for us he squeezed in a perfect afternoon at the park and gave Gwen everything an uncle ought to.

May 3, 2013

On my mind on a Friday night

Which is worse: germs or chemicals? I have tried some all-natural cleaners and they don't get things clean the way I like things clean. But I also don't love scrubbing a tub out with bleach and then putting a baby in there. Do I need to lower my cleaning standard or up my chemical tolerance?

On a similar note-
Which is worse: eating 1/2 as many (organic) fruits/veggies or eating lots of (contaminated) fruits/veggies? I can't handle the price of some organic produce, not to mention the regulations are iffy and it often doesn't look/taste as good.

Tell me what to do.