Feb 29, 2008

it's hannah's fault

I don't think it's a secret that I really love life events (or blowing tiny things way out of proportion so that they resemble some type of major life event). I have folders on my desktop/bookmarks/stacks of magazine tear-outs dedicated to things related to making major milestones look really awesome (baby, home, wedding, etc.) that are continually added to. Well ever since this happened, I've been on double alert for all things beautiful (and preferably in this color palette). And holy cow. I think I could have a wedding every year till I die and still not entirely exhaust the things I love. And I think I'm going to have to be engaged for years to ever make any real decisions with all of these options all over and me being so good at finding them. New favorite wedding blah: Snippet & Ink. It's all about color palettes! I LOVE COLOR PALETTES. These are some of my favorites after browsing only like 3 pages:

and of course:

New Favorite place to find awesome old dresses: Vintageous
They're cheap. And so awesome. Favorites:

(I guess I love tulle)

happy leap day

i'm still not sure why we have to work or get out of bed or get older on leap days. because they're just this bonus day that no one is counting on. luckily, struck understands that free pizza for lunch always helps to soften such blows. 

Feb 28, 2008


no offense to all the people that love this movie or to the academy, which nominated it for 5 awards or the set designers that painted the walls such great colors or the costume designers that chose such great coats but i really don't care about this movie. they sing the entire time. to the exact same melody. for 90 minutes. i wasn't prepared for that. and i love musicals. it's not a big deal, i just put my little head down and slept through the last 75 minutes.

i've never done this before

no, not get out of bed because i'm still not asleep and get a bowl of cereal* and then take pictures of my new flowers and post about it. we all know i'm no stranger to such activities. but, buy carnations. i've never bought carnations before. in fact, i hate them. but i don't hate them when they're these shades of purple and 99 cents a bouquet at smith's? (there is absolutely no shame in buying holiday leftovers for yourself)

*{i always wish i were the type of person that could eat in bed or eat something late at night and not brush my teeth after. not for the sake of my life span or general health, obviously. but for the sake of recklessness. i'm just not.}

Feb 25, 2008

who wants it badder?**

(**i love so much about the stupid things tyra chooses to say)

Feb 22, 2008

tapioca pudding is the new cookie dough

i love you, kozy shack.

i'm exhausted. (emotionally)

i saw these movies last night. i didn't fall asleep even once. i was too busy contemplating 'where i'm at'. and wondering where this guy came from. and drinking XXX vitaminwater.
and you guys were all right about this one. it was awful. (in the kind of way that isn't technically awful but just makes a lot of people come out of it thinking it was awful. ykwim?) and i loved it. a lot. 
i plan to see these movies in the next week:
into the wild
dan in real life
the diving bell and the butterfly
definitely, maybe
rear window

the only news i ever have is actually other people's news

Feb 21, 2008

Feb 20, 2008

Feb 19, 2008


I will never get sick of going to places where conversations don't begin without first establishing your ancestral makeup. I especially like the question "so who do you belong to?".


my ears really need to figure out what altitude they're in and adjust accordingly. like, now.

Feb 16, 2008

Feb 11, 2008

goal for the week: get some freckles on my face

i just swam. and then laid on a chair next to the pool. in the sun. and read a book. all for the sake of my goal, of course. anyway-so far, so good.

Feb 8, 2008

We'll Set Your Kids Straight

After going through 4 years of orthodontia {including a "jawbreaker" that was secured to the roof of my mouth and tightened (expanded) with a key (lovingly turned by my mother) every morning before school and every night before bed (yes, tears would stream)} I'm kind of upset to realize that I love crooked teeth. I never expected to feel the way I do now about crooked teeth. I'm kind of jealous? I mean, there is this exactly perfect amount of crookedness that is just so attractive. It's probably appealing because it's impossible to obtain artificially? I feel the same way about gaps. They are so charming on the right person. (uh hem, adam. uh hem, mama. uh hem, grandpa robert.) So anyway, I'm thinking I'll never fix my children's teeth and just hope that they grow the perfect kind of crooked teeth that I now adore? And not the non-perfect kind like Jewel or Thom. And just hope that they like having crooked teeth? Is that mean? 

{p.s. mom and dad, thank you for fixing my teeth. i don't think i ever had the perfectly crooked potential anyway. and it could have been a disaster. and i really like my teeth now.}

Feb 7, 2008

i buy my friends at DI

My new best friend is this piggy bank that I bought at DI for 1 dollar on Saturday. Incidentally, I'd been searching semi-high and semi-low for a piggy bank (and a new friend) in recent months. But I should have known that the best friends come in the most unlikely places. She came all the way from Mexico (with a gaping hole) to be with me.

i'm going to disneyland

words cannot describe how excited i am for this to be my forecast:

and not this:

Feb 5, 2008

my 99.5

requested: Lullaby by the Cure
played: Lullaby by Shawn Mullins


Feb 3, 2008

i swear i already did this

10 years ago
8th grade-I had glasses, braces, and a perm. A trifecta I'd been working on for quite some time. And I looked great in skorts.

5 things on my to do list today

Get up
Take a shower
Go to church
Meet tons of people

5 snacks I enjoy
tapioca pudding
reese's pieces
hot chocolate

What I would do if I were given a billion dollars
Pay tithing
Go back to school and learn how to be a designer
Buy a letterpress
Start a scholarship for kids whose parents make too much money for the government to give them money but have too many kids in their families for it to help that much
Re-do Grandma Eunice's house. I don't care if that's a waste
Buy some boots
Buy a Swiffer WetJet
Go everywhere
Build some schools
Give everyone whatever they want
Adopt tons of babies

3 bad habits
Biting my nails
Acting like I don't care when I totally do
Being late
5 places I have lived
Sandy, Utah
Taft, CA
Henderson, NV
Ephraim, UT
Provo, UT

5 jobs I have had
RC Willey
Special Ed Teacher/Counselor person. (I don't know what I was called or how i got that job)

5 things most people don't know about me
I've had an ulcer
I haven't graduated from college
Any person can make me cry in 10 seconds or less if they say the right things
I have 5 blahgs
I'm afraid the world's going to end before I get to raise all my babies and get old

Five people I am tagging

Feb 1, 2008

then again

i've been doing some really adult things lately. not the least of which are taking a multi-vitamin, growing out my bangs and maintaining my hair color. so that's got to count for something?