Feb 22, 2008

i'm exhausted. (emotionally)

i saw these movies last night. i didn't fall asleep even once. i was too busy contemplating 'where i'm at'. and wondering where this guy came from. and drinking XXX vitaminwater.
and you guys were all right about this one. it was awful. (in the kind of way that isn't technically awful but just makes a lot of people come out of it thinking it was awful. ykwim?) and i loved it. a lot. 
i plan to see these movies in the next week:
into the wild
dan in real life
the diving bell and the butterfly
definitely, maybe
rear window


megan said...

Enchanted=Worth it.
Dan In Real Life=Not Worth It

I haven't seen the others. Although I just saw Atonement last night and that is one I highly recommend.

Jonas said...

hold your horses on definitely, maybe. Very disappointing rom-com.