Feb 8, 2008

We'll Set Your Kids Straight

After going through 4 years of orthodontia {including a "jawbreaker" that was secured to the roof of my mouth and tightened (expanded) with a key (lovingly turned by my mother) every morning before school and every night before bed (yes, tears would stream)} I'm kind of upset to realize that I love crooked teeth. I never expected to feel the way I do now about crooked teeth. I'm kind of jealous? I mean, there is this exactly perfect amount of crookedness that is just so attractive. It's probably appealing because it's impossible to obtain artificially? I feel the same way about gaps. They are so charming on the right person. (uh hem, adam. uh hem, mama. uh hem, grandpa robert.) So anyway, I'm thinking I'll never fix my children's teeth and just hope that they grow the perfect kind of crooked teeth that I now adore? And not the non-perfect kind like Jewel or Thom. And just hope that they like having crooked teeth? Is that mean? 

{p.s. mom and dad, thank you for fixing my teeth. i don't think i ever had the perfectly crooked potential anyway. and it could have been a disaster. and i really like my teeth now.}


hanner said...

i had the jawbreaker. i could stick my pinky finger through the gap in my teeth. i definitely didn't have the potential for cute crooked. but i think that gaps are cute.

not pinky gaps though.

upto12 said...

I need a visual example of "good" crooked.

Jana said...

I worked for my father for 5 years who is an orthodontist. The thing you call a "jawbreaker" is really called an RPE, Rapid Palate Expander, which I think sounds just as bad as "jawbreaker. I would feel so bad for those children who had to have one of those. I once saw a 17 year old boy cry. And no offense taken to the crooked teeth thing, I married a gap toother.

Bean said...

yeah since for me "crooked" really meant "has fangs" I'm glad for my now straight teeth. i agree with you though. sometimes it's just so good looking. same with crooked noses. sometimes it just looks better.