Dec 30, 2010

wedding planning: day 12

I'd rather shop for china than for a dress

Dec 26, 2010

wedding planning: day 8

i'm so sick of the internet

Dec 24, 2010

i've never blogged from an airplane before!

I don't even have anything to say, I'm just so excited about this free in- flight wi-fi! And i thought this ipad was only gonna be good for watching While You Were Sleeping. I guess I'll do some online browsing to prepare for my shopping trip with Grandpa. He likes us to be prepared. Merry Christmas everyone!

Dec 23, 2010

Merry Thursday


Dec 21, 2010

It Already Feels Weird if I Don't Have it On

I have weird knuckles. But besides that, I can't believe how good life is right now.

Dec 10, 2010

I'm in Portland

It's raining. Don't worry, I bought a steamed (hazelnut, mmmm) milk to take on the MAX with me so i'd fit in. But then I blew it because I forgot the cup sleeve thing and I kept accidentally singing along with the Taylor Swift in my ears. Matt's first question was 'did you bring some sensible shoes this time?' the answer's always no. My first question was 'WHERE'S THAT BABY?'

Dec 6, 2010

Merry Monday

Today I'm Thankful For

sweet sweet new babies

Dec 3, 2010

gimme gimme gimme i need i need i need

There are too few times when this much sparkle is acceptable. Which is why I want to wear/hold these all at the same time for a month straight. Fine, I'll have their shoes too. 

Also, I should watch What About Bob? more often.

Today I'm Thankful For

Taylor Swift

Nov 30, 2010

Still #1/Broken Record

I still want a garage for Christmas. Just like I did in 2008 and 2007. Apparently I never get sick of complaining about the same things!

Nov 24, 2010

I don't wanna get over you

If I never take the streamers down then my birthday never ends, right?

Don't tell Matt/all my friends/my own self

I saw Brandon Flowers last week and enjoyed it more than when I saw Sufjan Stevens 2 weeks prior. Some factors for such a statement:
I didn't have a headcold
I didn't know everyone in the audience
We were closer to the stage
No auto-tune
Stomach full of Sawadee
Sister Sarah as my very excited concert partner
He's from Henderson so we felt cool knowing about things he talked about
I didn't have to miss the World Series to see it
Fran Healy opened for him
He wore suspenders
Free ticket
No expectations

Sorry, Suf, never thought I'd say it either. But it's just how I feel. I mean look at this guy. And he's got a pregnant wife. That's just hard to compete with.

Nov 17, 2010

Look how cute we are when we go to Florence

Today I'm Thankful For

Salt and Pepper
Fresh tomatoes
Sewing machines
Wheel of Fortune for Wii
(And a boy who will go to semi-extreme lengths to get it in my house for us to play it)

Nov 10, 2010

Today I'm Thankful For

This guy. Far away in Brazil where it's really really hot living a life way harder than mine because he wants to and he knows it's the right thing to do. Happy Birthday, little brother! See you in a couple months!

Today I'm Thankful For

- Non-smoking bowling alleys
- A working furnace
- Rice cookers
- Sisters who assure me that eating potato chips while my vegetables steam is not as despicable as wearing uggs on an elliptical (real conversation)
- Photographs

Nov 8, 2010

My kind of weekend

- House cleaning blitz
- Pumpkin Coconut soup- kinda like this but I added tomatoes, carrots, celery, pineapple, coconut and macadamia nuts. Trust me on this one.
- Wait Until Dark- so much scarier/better than I remembered even!
- Park City-ideal dark jeans for him, ideal fur-trimmed coat for me
- Most glorious fall weather/leaves blowing everywhere
- RSL game
- An extra hour of life
- Lots of sewing
- While listening to lots of this
- All topped off with some Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls
- (And a round of Sorry!, obviously)

red nail polish

Lady for 1 day, little kid for about 3 weeks:

Nov 4, 2010

(they did it!)

Andersons have been Giants fans for a very long time. As a person without a lot of concrete favorites, it's always been comforting that 'my team' was set out for me long before my birth. Relieves pressure, ya know? And really it only matters when they're in the playoffs or I need to look cool in front of a bunch of guys. Anyway, it's been fun to care about this postseason and have a reason to yell at the TV. My favorite part of everything was that Grandpa Robert (and some uncles) were in attendance at game 5. New life goal-go to a world series game. Even if I'm 80 by the time I make it.

no offense, nellie

We went to Wyoming last weekend. Cuz why not? Plus we needed to see these mini horses and check up on the pygmy goats. In the end though, we spent most of our time with the mini people. That's how awesome they are. (You should have seen the lego treehouse Jake and Regan built. "Best quiet time" of Jake's life.)

cure for a common head cold

breakfast in bed for dinner
sorry! marathon

Nov 1, 2010

Oct 29, 2010

everyone thought i was marilyn/sugar crash and burn/i didn't take any pictures/are you done with work yet?/let's go to wyoming

I was Betty Draper at work today. I guess I don't hate Halloween. Should I do my hair like this for always?

Oct 27, 2010

But Really, I Counted

I want more than 80% of the items in J.Crew's most recent catalog. I'm kinda mad about it because who has that much money for clothes? And why are their stores so outdated and boring and confusing?

you wouldn't believe me if I didn't show you

This teeny bird and I share a name (partially)

We went to Idaho to see these guys

And they made me go to this place. I think if I didn't hate it so much, I'd have really loved it.

I found a peanut M&M that looked exactly like a lima bean

These puppies cost me a cool $3.50. I hope that at least Josh will make fun of me for wearing them.

This is what our house looked like tonight when we came back from bowling. (I bowled a 136.)

Oct 25, 2010

wool socks

Where have you been all my life?/Perhaps the one time I should have mimicked Nate's fashion choice after all.

Oct 22, 2010

that makes 16 bunnies

The 3rd of 3 baby gells I've been waiting for for 9 months was born this morning. It feels so great to have them all out in the world and teenie (and chubby) and adorable and ready to be best friend cousins. And now I'll spend the remainder of the day talking myself out of making the 13-hour drive to go see her and gasp at every tiny thing she does. It's hard work being an aunt.

Oct 20, 2010

without fail

Every time I don't want to go to the gym, there are tons of close parking spaces. And every time I actually want to go to the gym - not a one. Luckily sometimes when that happens, I have a blueberry donut and a book in my car to keep me company while I wait for one to open up.

God Bless America

Matt and I were discussing what we would have given to be at the Giants game live in person this sunny afternoon. I chose 1 day of puking. He chose part of his big toe. I don't know why we chose such gross things. But take a look at those fans all being so happy to be there, zooey being adorable and the ocean being the outfield and tell me you don't feel the same way.

Oct 15, 2010

coming right up

A perfect gift that I haven't turned into the perfect light yet
Tonsasugar that I haven't turned into a guilty stomach yet
Cute fabric that I haven't turned into cute baby dresses yet
A fish named Bunny that I haven't turned into a buoy yet

Oct 11, 2010

H&M has an online store now!?!

maybe this is old news but i needed to tell someone

UPDATE: It only works for other countries that aren't America. I'm so sorry, everyone. Let's go to Vegas?

Oct 3, 2010

Taft, CA

I spent the 2-10 year-old years of my life in this town. Kinda interesting, isn't it?

2.4 > 35

This is Regan's new house. You can't fully stand up in most of his attic room. But it's 32.6 miles closer to me and 2.3 miles closer to sonic so who cares.

Oct 1, 2010

When your day starts with swedish fish and cream puffs

There's really only one way the rest of that day can go. Dietarily speaking.

I'd love to see some statistics on the urgency/stress of the user v. the performance of a computer. I'm almost positive they inversely proportionate. (Is that how you say when the stress goes up the performance goes down?)

Dang it the library closes early on Friday and I have 3 items waiting for me.

(Have I mentioned it's been a long week? I can't even figure out why.)

Sep 30, 2010

Labor Day 2010: Timpanogos Caves

couples stretching. it was a joke until it felt so good


really creepy

indie engagement shot

cool people inside the cave

cool stuff inside the cave

My first successful/ish jumping picture of my life

I already tried baking snickerdoodles

Now accepting remedies to any/all of the following:

-Feeling worthless in a creative profession
-Being exhausted
-Not being able to get a weird dream about a little brother being really sick out of my head (where were all my dreamcatchers on that one??)
-Having a cold sore
-Having nothing to say

Yes, I know these are all temporary

Sep 29, 2010

planet fitness

I wish there were a way to talk to my sisters/friends while I run for an hour. It'd be so easy!

Why is there a bucket of Tootsie Rolls at the front desk of a gym?

Sep 24, 2010

just for fun?

Sometimes I try really hard to have road rage

Sep 22, 2010

Fish Lake, UT

August 28-31, 2010

I am so thankful for Aspens. I think I might need them to live. Don't tell Willows but after this trip, Aspens may have inched past them on my favorite tree list. (It's been neck and neck for years)
Now we just need to get him on the Narrow Gauge

wild bill


Sep 17, 2010

Simba, you deliberately disobeyed me

Giggled through the whole thing/wanted to cry it was so beautiful. Courtney was a perfect date. I want to be a set designer. Or a bird-flyer. Rafiki. The music. The costumes. The baby elephant.

I'm addicted to Angry Birds

Sugar High

Just close your eyes and pour the sugar in the mixer. It's really really worth it.

Oatmeal Cake
1 cup old-fashioned rolledoats
1 cup boiling water
1/2 cup margarine
1 1/2 cups brown sugar
2 eggs
1 cup flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup chopped nuts (optional)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine oats and water and let stand while mixing the rest of the cake. Using an electric mixer, cream margarine and brown sugar in a large bowl. Add eggs and beat well. Sift together flour, soda, baking powder, and salt and add to egg mixture. Add vanilla, oats mixture, and nuts, if desired. Pour into a greased 9-by-9-inch or 11-by-7-inch pan and bake for 30 to 40 minutes. Cool and frost with penuche frosting.

Penuche Frosting
1/4 cup butter or margarine
3/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup cream or milk
2 1/2 to 3 cups confectioners’ sugar, sifted

In a saucepan, melt butter and sugar, stirring constantly over medium heat. Add cream slowly, cooking and stirring until bubbly. Remove from heat and stir in confectioners’ sugar until it is the right consistency to spread on cake. Decorate with nuts, if desired.

*I doubled both recipes and it made three 8" circles and the perfect amount of frosting.

Sep 7, 2010

leamington 4/24/10

(regan was here too but he was too busy taking pictures to be in pictures)