Nov 24, 2010

Don't tell Matt/all my friends/my own self

I saw Brandon Flowers last week and enjoyed it more than when I saw Sufjan Stevens 2 weeks prior. Some factors for such a statement:
I didn't have a headcold
I didn't know everyone in the audience
We were closer to the stage
No auto-tune
Stomach full of Sawadee
Sister Sarah as my very excited concert partner
He's from Henderson so we felt cool knowing about things he talked about
I didn't have to miss the World Series to see it
Fran Healy opened for him
He wore suspenders
Free ticket
No expectations

Sorry, Suf, never thought I'd say it either. But it's just how I feel. I mean look at this guy. And he's got a pregnant wife. That's just hard to compete with.


Bean said...

I don't like Sufjan anyway, so no judgement here. Brandon Flowers' D.C. show is sold out. Maybe I will scour Craigslist...

Sarah said...

Thanks. I didn't have that song in my head yet today.

shayna said...

Pretty sure I would have loved it for all the right reasons.

Veronica said...

I wanna to go to a Brandon Flowers circus.

Jill said...

Whoa! Didn't know Tana was pregnant! I need to ask Chelsea if she was there! I bet that was a good concert!

momacita said...

Don't understand the words, but it's cool looking and I really like the music. Does that make it uncool?