Sep 30, 2009

Sep 25, 2009

i'n blahgeen via text. Does that mean i should have just kept my twitter? We knew this would happen? Story a mine life?

Sep 24, 2009

If this isn't funny to you, I don't know if we can be friends.

*Unless we're already family, then we're BFF. Don't worry, mama!
**BFF=Best Friends Forever

why is old stuff way cooler than new stuff? just cuz it's old?

There's an entire archive of Esquire's covers on their site!

I wish life worked a little bit more like this

really, it's the least you could do

dear casey,
please make me this.
p.s. do you even read this?

target is my best friend

Sometimes I just wanna feel sad. And that's really all it comes down to. Maybe it's just because I like baking and shopping alone and watching movies while I take hot hot baths so much? I just miss mineself sometimes I guess, and wanna hang out with me. I mean, can we blame me?

just, in general

I'm kinda obsessed with color. Strange then that a goal of mine is to 'wear more black'? Meh, that's a color too. {all a these (and zillions more) are from} {doi?}

Sep 21, 2009

What are these strong guys or sumsin?

I can't believe I almost didn't go to this. I forget how much I love classical music performed live. Not to mention thrinkin cirque performers with it! I'm from vegas, I can't help it, okay. Plus who doesn't like getting dressed up and being whistled at by all the dudes leaving the Dew Tour next door? This video makes it seem kinda cheesy-ish but just picture it in Abravenal Hall (that place kills it, right? those chandeliers? are you kidding?) and you'll get an idea of what I was gasping and giggling over all night.

I really wish I personally knew someone involved in the cirque community because I just have so many questions.

Also, I'm 24 years old, I should know by now that wearing new heels on a night I know I'll be walking several blocks and then doing it again the next day with a different pair of heels is a very bad idea. But whatever, skin comes and goes but memories last forever. Or suh eh.

We went to Kentucky to visit the Hicks

Carrie and I went out to Kentucky to see Veronica and Kyle last weekend. (Their last name really is Hicks!) It mostly looked like this (thank you, v, for taking better pictures than i did):

We saw many moving trains, and every time I said 'MOVING TRAIN!' (because if you're on a roadtrip with Grandpa Anderson and you see a moving train, he gives you a dollar.) I guess there are some things you can't un-learn.

This is just their neighborhood

I forgot to take a picture of their deck and forest backyard where I ate my breakfast every morning but you can kinda see it here. Mom-I'm playing Toccata Brilliante right here I think.

I've decided that I really love bodies of water in the middle of cities.

This is at The Grand Ole Opry House. I would really like to go there again, but like 40 years ago. Ya know what I mean?

Churchill Downs. Where the Kentucky Derby is. We're determined to get back there for the Derby. And somehow convince the other 150,000 people to dress like this. Right?
Not pictured: Graeter's ice cream. yum. our flight being canceled—spending a night in dallas with none of our personal belongings, staying up till 4am somehow every night, oh and um, seeing taylor swift in concert—girl is soo dramatic and rehearsed but still pretty entertaining to be the oldest people there and to see her in nashville, brodie the poodle, "larry-oake", a million more trees.

Sep 10, 2009

But what if we both need him at the same time?

I had some serious bunny-time competition last weekend. And I've never been happier for it. Look how fast those squishy little tan legs are cruising!
These flowers we picked up at the farmer's market are helping me through the post-family depression.
(Oh, and the fact that I'm FLYING TO KENTUCKY in 2 hours! See ya later!)

Dear Dad,

Do you know what these teenie yellow mushrooms are doing in my plant?


p.s. Thanks again for dinner last night.

too many options = paralysis

Annoying, right? I know.

Sep 2, 2009

we were both young when I first saw you

This is what 4 years has done to me. (I was really excited to have photoshop at my fingertips in 2005)

So yeah, as of Sunday, I've been working at Struck (or Shrek, as my dad calls it. Why is it so hard to understand the word Struck when I tell people where I work? I don't know how to enunciate it any clearer.) for FOUR YEARS! I can hardly believe that's true but I suppose it is. I've done a lot of growing up here and it's just really nice to love where you work, ya know?
p.s. struck just merged with Axiom and we're pretty stoked about it.
p.p.s. our blahg is pretty entertaining usually
I've been meaning to tell you those things.

Sep 1, 2009

Summer is not over

You can do pretty much anything in September that you can do in August. So there. And if you still aren't with me, listen to this song and tell me it's not the sweetest Summer night out right now.

Dearest Shoe Fairy,

Please visit anthropologie soon. Please.


painting my nails and spending unecessary amounts of money on housewares**

ummm, my toaster is cuter than your toaster? I'm just guessing, cuz...