Sep 2, 2009

we were both young when I first saw you

This is what 4 years has done to me. (I was really excited to have photoshop at my fingertips in 2005)

So yeah, as of Sunday, I've been working at Struck (or Shrek, as my dad calls it. Why is it so hard to understand the word Struck when I tell people where I work? I don't know how to enunciate it any clearer.) for FOUR YEARS! I can hardly believe that's true but I suppose it is. I've done a lot of growing up here and it's just really nice to love where you work, ya know?
p.s. struck just merged with Axiom and we're pretty stoked about it.
p.p.s. our blahg is pretty entertaining usually
I've been meaning to tell you those things.


Veronica said...

whoa. you just graduated from struck high school.

upto12 said...

Remember when I wrote/designed your resume to get you a job at Shrek and then three years later you got me a job there? That was awesome.

Allison said...

so, jane and i played with your fish for like 20 minutes just now.

shayna said...

Remember when I worked at Struck, and I sat behind you and chatted with you all day long? Remember that?

(i'n a kakie) said...

Veron- Least I graduated from something?
Matt- Very awesome. Brains Beauty and Brawn.
Ally- I love my fish!
Shayna-that's all I think about all day long.

lauren said...

those fish are hip as are you.