Nov 21, 2013


Gwen was a bat this year. Mostly because it required minor cutting and sewing on my part and because it was basically normal clothes which increases the odds of her cooperation. I think she needs a little cap with every costume she ever has, it's always my favorite part.
Church party:

Maryland cousin party:

She was stalwart about carrying her bucket full of miscellaneous toys from home

First candy bar. Now any metallic wrapper sets her off to the chance of something delicious being inside.

Baby Talk

Part 1:
When people talk to Gwen in a baby voice and ask her questions that she obviously can't answer, is it my responsibility to respond for her? My favorite way to answer is just to ignore it or shrug at them like "yep, she can't talk." but sometimes I am tempted to use a baby voice back to them and answer in Gwen's proxy. "I'm 15 months old, yep gettin so big!" Don't worry, this mostly only applies to strangers.

Part 2:
Gwen's been saying some words consistently and it's just the cutest. So far it's mostly: "Uh-ew" (uh-oh), "doggie", "daddy",  "this this this this this" (this covers anything she ever wants, smart move learning that one first), "baby", "up". Sometimes a crystal clear "oops" or something pops out of her jabber and it's shocking and awesome and unrepeatable. She also pretend reads books now and, you guessed it- it's so cute.

Nov 7, 2013

Anderson Family Reunion 2013 - Virginia

Pre-party at the ballpark. Gwen's first Giants game. A big deal for an Anderson.

Kiptopeke State Park beach

Those are WWII concrete ships in the background. I don't understand it either. 

Jamestown Colony

The local ice cream parlor. We were there at least 2 times a day.
They had homemade caramel sauce and a waffle ice cream sandwich.

Chincoteague Island

Hanging out around the lodges

Only one broken bone the whole week

This place was as ideal as it looks

Family Pictures. Sometimes I forget what a huge bunch of people we are.

The littles. There are 2 more since this. They just keep coming.
This really was our best one
Train ride back to New York
2015 can't come soon enough