Nov 7, 2013

Anderson Family Reunion 2013 - Virginia

Pre-party at the ballpark. Gwen's first Giants game. A big deal for an Anderson.

Kiptopeke State Park beach

Those are WWII concrete ships in the background. I don't understand it either. 

Jamestown Colony

The local ice cream parlor. We were there at least 2 times a day.
They had homemade caramel sauce and a waffle ice cream sandwich.

Chincoteague Island

Hanging out around the lodges

Only one broken bone the whole week

This place was as ideal as it looks

Family Pictures. Sometimes I forget what a huge bunch of people we are.

The littles. There are 2 more since this. They just keep coming.
This really was our best one
Train ride back to New York
2015 can't come soon enough


amazomeg said...

holy cow, there are so many littles! and I really like the length of your hair.

shayna said...

I love your family t-shirts...did you design them? I want to be an Anderson so badly...Can I be number 23?

momacita said...

Did all that really happen, or was it just a really good dream?

Bean said...

I just love all the little people that have come to our family- what a group. I need to put Finn in his shirt! I also love that brown dog caramel sauce.