Nov 21, 2013

Baby Talk

Part 1:
When people talk to Gwen in a baby voice and ask her questions that she obviously can't answer, is it my responsibility to respond for her? My favorite way to answer is just to ignore it or shrug at them like "yep, she can't talk." but sometimes I am tempted to use a baby voice back to them and answer in Gwen's proxy. "I'm 15 months old, yep gettin so big!" Don't worry, this mostly only applies to strangers.

Part 2:
Gwen's been saying some words consistently and it's just the cutest. So far it's mostly: "Uh-ew" (uh-oh), "doggie", "daddy",  "this this this this this" (this covers anything she ever wants, smart move learning that one first), "baby", "up". Sometimes a crystal clear "oops" or something pops out of her jabber and it's shocking and awesome and unrepeatable. She also pretend reads books now and, you guessed it- it's so cute.


abby said...

I am laughing so hard at part 1.

Bean said...

I dare you to do that one time.

shayna said...

Please talk back in a baby voice...I love awkward moments.