Nov 21, 2013


Gwen was a bat this year. Mostly because it required minor cutting and sewing on my part and because it was basically normal clothes which increases the odds of her cooperation. I think she needs a little cap with every costume she ever has, it's always my favorite part.
Church party:

Maryland cousin party:

She was stalwart about carrying her bucket full of miscellaneous toys from home

First candy bar. Now any metallic wrapper sets her off to the chance of something delicious being inside.


abby said...

I am in total agreement about the costume cap thing. That girl is CA-YOOT.

Katie said...

I kinda feel like Gwen and I are BFF's since her and my lunch date in Manhattan.

shayna said...

Do people stop you all the time because Gwen is so cute? "My goodness your baby is cute."