Feb 28, 2010

and now for the shallow end of the pool

-I'm pretty sure my hair is walking a fine line between many bad hair-dos. (lemme know if falls into any of them, please.)
-I can't forget to buy some new eyeliner
-I shoulda been more serious about that getting-in-shape-for-my-sister's-wedding idea I had that one time
-where'd all the pillows from this house go? 10 people used to live here, we must have pillows somewhere
-I hope I have time to go to H&M while I'm here
-The weather here is GLORIOUS (mid-upper 60's. rainy all day yesterday which means clear and clean and awesome today. I love it here in February.)
-Funny to be the laziest one here if I'm up after 8am
And now I'm going to attempt to steal some cookie dough from the freezer before I sit down to an evening of stitching felt circles together.


Probably the only email that could one-up the previous one.

Feb 26, 2010

Please notice the Main Course for Friday March 5th.

There's really nothing better than getting this in an email from your dad:

There are 4 available seats left in my sister's Excursion tomorrow, leaving at 5:30pm MST. Get em while you can. Bonus today only! If you come pack for me right now, I'll let you sit by the bahbees.

Feb 23, 2010

it makes my stomach hurt

i feel like it's clutch time and i'm blowing it.
(clutch time? crunch time? but can't you say 'he's a clutch free-throw shooter?' or something?)

tip of the day

if you decide to start making cookies at midnight, make sure you have brown sugar first. even if smith's is only 6 blocks away, it's cold outside.

Feb 22, 2010

tip of the day

don't wear black jeans to paint a white TV stand thing

Feb 20, 2010

and now i will lie on the couch for a significant amount of time

but first i'n gonna get out some thoughts:

on the next two weeks: million things to do, i guess i'll just survive and everything will get done/be fine.

on project runway: tory burch-you're annoying. ben-how do i always forget you exist? amy- i like you. jesse-yer never gonna be logan and you look silly trying.

on the sweet (and hott) (and married) art students filling the studio this morning, knowing nothing about letterpress: bless your hearts. and thanks, i really needed to have that one upperhand on you.

on zupas: such a good idea but something always goes wrong with you. and why do you have 700 employees working at all times? and why are your chocolate-covered strawberries always gross?

on watching christian watch Arrested Development bloopers on YouTube right now: this rules

on the hot bubble bath i'm gonna have some time tonight: can't wait

Feb 19, 2010

Feb 18, 2010


The more times I'm made to feel stupid about caring, the less likely I am to care the next time, ya know? Which is a real bummer because I'd actually just prefer to care.

Feb 16, 2010

Sewing classes from Kristine. You'd never regret this.

Feb 15, 2010

happy valentine's day

Look at all those missing teeth! If this isn't love, I don't know what is. And yeah, I ignored everyone's opinions and cut bangs anyway. I never want to leave this place.

Feb 11, 2010

be mine?

Member the cool valemtimes I made last year? I didn't make any this year.

Sorry you can't really read that. Too tired to fix it.

really valid question

Feb 8, 2010

I liked this one

you can see all of em HERE!

Great Deals!

Some deals I've made with myself lately:
It's okay to not like goat cheese because now I like mushrooms.
It's okay to not go to the gym after 3 laps around the perimeter looking for a parking space.
It's okay to wear the same shirt 4 days in a row as long as I increase the amount of eyeliner I put on for each of those days.

Feeling sincerely fair about these.

Fancy footwork puts me in a trance

Watched this for the 1st...2nd...3rd...and 1/2 times this weekend. Pretty incredible.

Not so sure there's a better song

Feb 7, 2010

just thought i'd ask/sneak peek/at least i recycle?

Anyone getting married on march 6th at 10am in the las vegas temple that needs approx. 400 cards to tell people about it? No? Okay.

{It was much easier to print everything on one sheet and cut them after. But some things I only needed 100 of, ya know? I'm not a bad person.}

Feb 6, 2010


no offense but you were about 10 hours too long. i'm glad i didn't waste a shower on you.

Feb 4, 2010

Trying hard to pay attention to this

Cuz I need it right now and it seems like pretty good advice.

! Double !

Perhaps I was just in the right mood tonight but this movie was everything I wanted. Just the kind of sadhappy it feels good to feel sometimes. All I can think about now is finding clothes that fit me right and wearing the same outfit every day. And learning to speak French. So pretty.

p.s. worth the whole movie just for 'Boy'. His hands! (1:21-23 in the trailer) Good heavens.

Feb 3, 2010

I wish I were in Maui eating cheese with Maddy right now

Why can't I get enough?

{Sorry bout the same dumb effects thing. I thought it was gonna look cool.}

cat fight

I just dreamed I was moving in with Jennifer Aniston. So she was in my kitchen sitting on the counter while we went through all my things to see what we wanted/needed. And she didn't like any of my stuff. Except my colored glass glasses and my toaster (because she's never had a toaster). She didn't even like my lilac and peach colored flower plates which I was sure she'd like. But she doesn't "have much experience with plates" cuz she "mostly just drinks shakes". Really, she told me that. She's in for a real shock. Cuz i LOVE plates. And what's with her wanting '100% wood furniture only, kate'? No one wants to sit on a wooden bench inside our house, jen. Ugh.

The waiter smiled at me tonight

Every night when I leave work and walk down Market Street to my car, all bundled and end-of-work dazed, I pass the giant windows of three restaurants and every time I feel like I'm in a movie. Sometimes the people inside are the main characters and sometimes I am. There are always more men than women. About 5:1 I'd say. Sometimes the dialogue (that I make up in my head as I pass) is loud and chaotic and sometimes it's calm, sometimes it's serious, sometimes cheerful, sometimes melancholy, sometimes business casual, etc. I like it when they wonder where I'm going or look up at me. I also like it when they don't. The 2nd Market street window is my favorite one because it shows me the biggest table so sometimes there's a family eating there. And chances are it's a special occasion. And who doesn't like those? And I can see the bar where the solo regulars sit. (It's not for pansies ya know, dining alone.) I really like those 45 seconds of my day. It's just what I need. Cuz it's fun to be a star and it's fun to be an extra and it's good to remember that.

Feb 2, 2010

I don't have to change my self to fit the product

We're not that good at making it into/staying awake during Sundance movies. But we're really good at making fun of Apple and recording it on a nano with really cool effects. So I guess we've got that.


Please at least watch the first minute and a half. It's embarrassing. Well, both are.

Feb 1, 2010

spendy, siamese, scrumptious

(cool forehead wrinkles?)

we have tv now

Last night during the Grammys (what a joke, I know), I realized why I love seeing JayZ so much. Like actually looking at him and hearing him talk, etc. I really like it. Anyway, it's because he possesses one of my all-time favorite traits — you can tell exactly what he looked like as a 4-year-old when you look at him. Right? I love it when that happens. (Also, I love how he takes care of mini-Beyonce)
And so that I don't waste 2 posts on the Grammys- I loved Taylor's dress. I don't care how predictable that is. It's pretty.