Feb 4, 2010

! Double !

Perhaps I was just in the right mood tonight but this movie was everything I wanted. Just the kind of sadhappy it feels good to feel sometimes. All I can think about now is finding clothes that fit me right and wearing the same outfit every day. And learning to speak French. So pretty.

p.s. worth the whole movie just for 'Boy'. His hands! (1:21-23 in the trailer) Good heavens.


Veronica said...

whoa, i was just wanting to see this movie tonight, when i realized i had seen three of the five movies nominated for costume design oscars and i decided i should see the other two. cause costumes are all i care about. i'm glad you liked it.

Kristine said...

ohmygosh. i couldnt agree more. we saw the movie on sat.
i feel like i'm on the hunt for that striped shirt. and everything else she wore.
and i want to call the man i love 'boy'.

and good man hands are thhhheee best.

so, ya. i agree with everything you said.

hanner said...

speaking of the striped shirt, i just noticed they are selling the ubiquitous st. james shirt for 88 dollars. 88 DOLLARS! seriously? i should have bought one when we were there. it couldn't have been that expensive.

anyway, i remember watching "the science of sleep" and then signing up for and dropping french 101 at least 10 times. i say do it. or just go to paris and do a language intensive course for 2 weeks or a month or whatever and travel and tour the rest of the time. totally serious. worth the money. i can recommend a place.

Bean said...

I'm so glad you reminded me of wanting to see this. I'm getting it as soon as I send The Little Mermaid back.

momacita said...

I hate to ask, but what is it rated? Not checking up, just wondering for my own info. Dave and I went to Sherlock Holmes, so he's seen his movie for the year. Maybe I can find a girlfriend to go with me.

Jess and Abe said...

I just watch this! I loved it! And I want that black dress she was wearing when they were dancing... I've been thinking about for the last two days.