Feb 23, 2010

tip of the day

if you decide to start making cookies at midnight, make sure you have brown sugar first. even if smith's is only 6 blocks away, it's cold outside.


Emily said...

Hi. I'm Christina's friend. I think I've met you before. Anyway, I check you blog on occasion bacause I like Christina's family. Reminds me of mine. I just want to say that I'll forever be indebted to you for posting the Lakers Chapions Parade youtube video. Kyle is quoted several times daily in my house and I show it to everyone I know. So anyway, thanks.

momacita said...

Katie, katie! I hope I never have to use that tip of the day. when you're 58, not many things are worth a trip to Smith's at midnight.

momacita said...

This is re clutch or crunch. Yes, you can be a clutch free-throw shooter. It can also be crunch time. Katie, if you're talking about the wedding, it's going to be OK. Once you get here, we'll have plenty of time to make everything happen. If this is a work thing, I wish I could help.