Feb 20, 2010

and now i will lie on the couch for a significant amount of time

but first i'n gonna get out some thoughts:

on the next two weeks: million things to do, i guess i'll just survive and everything will get done/be fine.

on project runway: tory burch-you're annoying. ben-how do i always forget you exist? amy- i like you. jesse-yer never gonna be logan and you look silly trying.

on the sweet (and hott) (and married) art students filling the studio this morning, knowing nothing about letterpress: bless your hearts. and thanks, i really needed to have that one upperhand on you.

on zupas: such a good idea but something always goes wrong with you. and why do you have 700 employees working at all times? and why are your chocolate-covered strawberries always gross?

on watching christian watch Arrested Development bloopers on YouTube right now: this rules

on the hot bubble bath i'm gonna have some time tonight: can't wait


Mags said...

really isn't jesse so annoying. i thought for sure he was gonna get called out for the crookedness of his dress.

Veronica said...

jesse's a brat. he so wishes he grew up making moccasins in blackfoot, idaho.