Feb 28, 2010

and now for the shallow end of the pool

-I'm pretty sure my hair is walking a fine line between many bad hair-dos. (lemme know if falls into any of them, please.)
-I can't forget to buy some new eyeliner
-I shoulda been more serious about that getting-in-shape-for-my-sister's-wedding idea I had that one time
-where'd all the pillows from this house go? 10 people used to live here, we must have pillows somewhere
-I hope I have time to go to H&M while I'm here
-The weather here is GLORIOUS (mid-upper 60's. rainy all day yesterday which means clear and clean and awesome today. I love it here in February.)
-Funny to be the laziest one here if I'm up after 8am
And now I'm going to attempt to steal some cookie dough from the freezer before I sit down to an evening of stitching felt circles together.

1 comment:

shayna said...

Remember your hair rocks, eat twice as much cookie dough in memory of me, get up at 8:30 just to spice things up, and don't forget to explain to Peder why you took a whole week off for your sister's wedding.