Feb 3, 2010

The waiter smiled at me tonight

Every night when I leave work and walk down Market Street to my car, all bundled and end-of-work dazed, I pass the giant windows of three restaurants and every time I feel like I'm in a movie. Sometimes the people inside are the main characters and sometimes I am. There are always more men than women. About 5:1 I'd say. Sometimes the dialogue (that I make up in my head as I pass) is loud and chaotic and sometimes it's calm, sometimes it's serious, sometimes cheerful, sometimes melancholy, sometimes business casual, etc. I like it when they wonder where I'm going or look up at me. I also like it when they don't. The 2nd Market street window is my favorite one because it shows me the biggest table so sometimes there's a family eating there. And chances are it's a special occasion. And who doesn't like those? And I can see the bar where the solo regulars sit. (It's not for pansies ya know, dining alone.) I really like those 45 seconds of my day. It's just what I need. Cuz it's fun to be a star and it's fun to be an extra and it's good to remember that.

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