Apr 18, 2013

Eight Months

Oh Gwen.
This month she: cut her first tooth, grew a few more strands of hair, started playing with the other babies at church, ate real/un-pureed food, had a preference for her mama, became tolerant of her stroller, learned to growl, stood up by herself for up to 4 seconds, met her Aunt Julene, traversed every inch of this apartment, found the tupperware drawer, learned the beauty of people-watching at the park, had her first trip to the Met, decided to take longer naps, polished up her bedtime tumbling routine, stayed so sweet. I love this girl!

Apr 8, 2013

Easter in Maryland

As is becoming tradition, we spent Easter weekend in Maryland. As is also becoming tradition, I changed my return ticket after we booked them so that I could stay a few days longer. When will I learn to just do this from the get-go? We took the train down this trip and it was a major upgrade. Plus I need to start earning some Amtrak Rewards points if I want to remain in good standing with my extended family. Anyway, we had a great time as always. The ipad entertained the kids and the kids entertained Gwen. Win-win. My favorite part may have been when we got to play catch and pull weeds in the front yard. I miss yards.

Easter Egg Hunt:

She thinks she's a big kid:

Told you:

Bunny ears:

I really wish this one weren't blurry:

All the gells:

Walking to Eastern Market to see Hannah and eat delicious breakfast:

Sorry about that sun, Gwen:

There we go: