Mar 31, 2008

i feel weird

Mar 27, 2008

put a little something in our lemonade

{fake empire-the national}

dang it china

How did I know, when I saw this package (it's really tiny but you can't tell because there's nothing in this picture that helps you reference the size, sorry), that this wasn't going to be the perfect yellow bridesmaid dress after all? I just keep thinking that I've been wronged because it doesn't look that short in the pictures. And then I keep realizing that it's a tiny Asian girl in the pictures. And how I bought a dress from China that is 'one size fits all'. And I realize that it's all my fault for being a huge American. 

Mar 26, 2008

the things i do for my country

and that's just one half of one arm.

why is it so hard to break habits?

i mean, it's not. but it is. 

Mar 25, 2008

join me?

last night—Explosions in the Sky

(I'm really into linking to MySpace lately. Most of these bands have nicer websites than, but this way it just takes you straight to the music, you know? I still hate myspace and think it's disgraceful for any other purpose.)

yes, need.

this is precisely what we need in our dining room against that really blank brick wall:
but maybe this could work?:
we just have so much wooden furniture in our house already. what's the good of having a friend working at urban if they don't get discounts on home stuff?


it kind of seems to me that

willingness to help:right to an opinion
willingness to give:willingness to take

(is that the appropriate way to show that i think these should be 1:1? if so, bravo, me. if not, now you know what i meant.)

Mar 24, 2008

kinky neck

you know how boys are always complaining about their arms falling asleep and stuff when they put them around girls during movies? do they know that it's not comfortable for us either? like, then there's an arm behind our necks. and it just looks weird.

Mar 23, 2008

hoppy easter

Mar 21, 2008

these (my) shoes smell like barbecue sauce. i don't hate it.

this is mostly just for my records.

things we did in seattle:
toodramatic pictures at the water tower at volunteer park.
bruce lee/brandon lee's grave-drive-by

just thought about life at the ballard locks.
gas works park at night.
ate at: dick's, beth's, thai65, serious pie, piroshky, the donette cart at pike's, dahlia bakery and madame k's (favorite: donettes. best foodserious. most risque atmospheremadame k's)
underground tour

were the only people without children at the Seattle Aquarium (there were no whales. but there were otters)
Seattle Art Museum-most crowded museum i've ever been in. and i don't get the hanging cars thing. (all museums in seattle are free on the first thursday of each month, for future reference.)
Pike Place Market-flowers, donettes, wood block cards, gum wall.
Space Needle (you all know what that looks like)

used Self-Timer to the max at Fremont Troll

pioneer Square-didn't stop a book thief that ran by us (saddest moment of the trip)
golden gardens beach (see 3.13.08's post)
bought pants we're unsure about (and wore them immediately)
ferry ride to bainbridge-mora ice cream (NOT gelato), sweet deal boutique
dr. mario
played with a Cougar
showed the locals how Guitar Hero (and Guess Who?) are done (and they showed us how Bubble Tea is done)
walked to (un)safeway
one-upped eachother
flipped our hair

Things we did not do in Seattle:
Olympic Sculpture Park
Tour the chocolate factory in Fremont
wake up early
Experience Music Project
finish my book
run out of things to do
tour jones soda-because it doesn't exist
asian art museum-because that's not what we're into
the conservatory-because it closes at 4pm in the winter

Mar 20, 2008

i wish i did half the things i talk about doing

pants on fire

carrie says my need to wig about things is what makes me me. so, i guess i should just embrace it. but seriously, do i need to get that worked up about things that always turn out somewhere in that huge span of 'that was nice'? i mean, no matter how i stress, things won't be above that span to something outstanding. and i'll prolly never have a complete bust. people will come. they'll eat food. say it's good. and go home. it's all just fine and nice. that being said, i make a mean mean mean mini cupcake. seriously. carrot with maple cream cheese and lemon glazed? from scratch? i rule.

Mar 17, 2008

etiquette moment

If someone sends you a terrific (or even mediocre) invitation to a bridal shower (or any event at all) with a really simple (or slightly complicated) way to RSVP for said event, RSVP for said event. You could write something like "My name is Kate Anderson. And I WILL be attending Jessica Tippet's bridal shower on Wednesday." or "My name is Becky. I'm not able to come on Wednesday. Could I drop a gift off at your house sometime before it? Call me!" or just "This is Jenny. I'm not coming." See, I just wrote 3 in like 1 minute. It's really really easy. You can be all business, or add a touch of personality to your response. It's entirely up to you. And it's incredibly helpful to hostesses that have never thrown a bridal shower before and have no idea if 200 mini cupcakes will be enough. I wonder if it's all my fault. I wonder if I've alienated older guests by only listing an email address? And underestimated younger/hipper-than-me guests that thought I was talking about this? Or maybe people thought I just still had seattle on the brain? And then there's the issue of 1/3 of the invitations being picky and wanting 17 more cents to go the 2 miles to the recipient and taking forever to come back to me and let me know that they need 17 more cents. I know, we're young, we hate commitment, we're indecisive. I understand that all too well. But seriously, just guess. Or be the first on the new trend of saying what you're going to do and then doing it. i know, it's revolutionary, give it a second to set in. (Can you guys tell that I'm a little nervous about this shower thing? It's just like a mixer? It'll be fine?)

march 17, 2004

proof that i've always loved feeding lots of people at once and drinking from straws. and the prophet.

there are so many funny things about this picture. see if you can find all 17! i'll get you started: megan hasn't changed at all, she's sitting next to jordan thompson, he's wearing white k-swiss and a john deere t-shirt, there's a longboard by the couch, those are the couches.

i know, i do this every year. there's just something about this day. it gets me all nostalgic like. but doesn't move me enough to wear green. oops.

i've had it for 8 years

can anyone give me any reason to keep this? you've got until midnight tonight. i'm in the mood to purge.

mama mia

having my mom stay a few days with me is wonderful for a whole lotta reasons. having someone to talk to about nothing/anything/everything while baking mini carrot cupcakes at 10pm on a sunday night not being the least of them.

speaking of my mom (as i often do), i think i've semi-pegged one of the reasons i like her so much. and that is that she is completely content in her reality. it's remarkable really. we (my family) recently discussed (blogged about) what each of our "perfect" days would be. she took the liberty of posting multiple times and each one of them were so realistic it was almost funny. in one of them, nothing happened at all. and that was the perfection of it. i can't tell if i'm describing it well or not. but if you know her, you know what i mean and you know why it's so remarkable. i think being completely content in your reality is a pretty good definition of a pretty good kind of happiness. isn't it? like, it's a pretty good goal to have? it's just that everything in life is how you look at it. every single thing. so i'm trying to figure out how to look at things. i think i'll start with a content reality outlook and see how it goes.

Mar 16, 2008


there's no way that trip's over/i'm back already.
every airport should sell giant soft pretzels.
i will never put my kid on a leash.
traveling still blows my mind. especially flying.
timglenn is a good man.
how do trips always feel like forever and like no time at all?
man, i love my bed.
mama here tomorrow!
then bridal shower, birthdays, wedding.
i'll sleep next week.

Mar 11, 2008

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people can't stop talking
people love talking
people love talking about themselves
people love being talked about
people's whole jobs are talking
people's whole lives are talking

isn't that kind of weird?

Mar 10, 2008

Mar 9, 2008

Mar 8, 2008

Mar 7, 2008

(when i have nothing to say, i post videos i like)

{nicole atkins—neptune city}

the cap'n makes it hap'n

(i'll let you know after lunch if he really makes it hap'n)

update: he does. it's good. it's just what you'd expect. without the roof of your mouth being torn up. but still with that strange waxy coating. that's how you know it's authentic.

Mar 6, 2008

la la la

{ingrid michaelson—the way i am}
i know, it's predictable and poppy and girly and basically the same as any other song i've ever posted on here. but she's funny and pretty and clever. and there's clapping!

Mar 4, 2008

lunch club smunch club

it makes me sad when everyone i'm talking to (online) leaves to go eat lunch with eachother.