Mar 27, 2008

dang it china

How did I know, when I saw this package (it's really tiny but you can't tell because there's nothing in this picture that helps you reference the size, sorry), that this wasn't going to be the perfect yellow bridesmaid dress after all? I just keep thinking that I've been wronged because it doesn't look that short in the pictures. And then I keep realizing that it's a tiny Asian girl in the pictures. And how I bought a dress from China that is 'one size fits all'. And I realize that it's all my fault for being a huge American. 


Ems said...

what a bummer! I think it's not your fault for being a huge American, rather their fault for being unusually small humans.

Emilee said...

And it was so cute! I don't blame you one little bit.

bec said...

i'm so sad..i've been waiting to hear how perfect this dress is.