Mar 17, 2008

etiquette moment

If someone sends you a terrific (or even mediocre) invitation to a bridal shower (or any event at all) with a really simple (or slightly complicated) way to RSVP for said event, RSVP for said event. You could write something like "My name is Kate Anderson. And I WILL be attending Jessica Tippet's bridal shower on Wednesday." or "My name is Becky. I'm not able to come on Wednesday. Could I drop a gift off at your house sometime before it? Call me!" or just "This is Jenny. I'm not coming." See, I just wrote 3 in like 1 minute. It's really really easy. You can be all business, or add a touch of personality to your response. It's entirely up to you. And it's incredibly helpful to hostesses that have never thrown a bridal shower before and have no idea if 200 mini cupcakes will be enough. I wonder if it's all my fault. I wonder if I've alienated older guests by only listing an email address? And underestimated younger/hipper-than-me guests that thought I was talking about this? Or maybe people thought I just still had seattle on the brain? And then there's the issue of 1/3 of the invitations being picky and wanting 17 more cents to go the 2 miles to the recipient and taking forever to come back to me and let me know that they need 17 more cents. I know, we're young, we hate commitment, we're indecisive. I understand that all too well. But seriously, just guess. Or be the first on the new trend of saying what you're going to do and then doing it. i know, it's revolutionary, give it a second to set in. (Can you guys tell that I'm a little nervous about this shower thing? It's just like a mixer? It'll be fine?)


hanner said...

sorry. ours was coming. we just got the invite friday. breanne reminded me to remind you that she's coming too.

and don't be nervous. showers are showers and jessica will be happy.

REB said...

My name is Rory, my mom is Becky, I won't be there on Wednesday.